Cooking Oil's Role in Low Fat Cookies

If you are trying to stick with a low-fat diet, don’t entirely rule out cookies; there are plenty of low-fat cookies to include in your baking regimen. As with anything low-fat, the key is in the ingredients. 

Cooking Oil in Cookies

You might wonder if you can forgo cooking oil in cookie recipes to lessen the fat content. The truth is that cooking oils, like canola, contain the unsaturated types of fat.  

These fats are high in monounsaturated fats and linolenic acid, which is the plant-based type of omega-3 fatty acids. In other words, they are the healthy fats and contribute to a healthy body. 

The Role of Cooking Oil

The role of cooking oil is to assist in keeping cookies from being too tough. A cookie should be crisp, not hard. 

Cooking oil is important to the shape and texture of a cookie also. It assists in keeping the cookie uniform and smooth while baking.

Cooking oil carries a nutrition factor with it too. Cooking oils, such as canola, are healthier than solid forms of fat. Oils also help to release some flavor when baking cookies. 

As with any low-fat diet plan, eat cookies in moderation regardless of ingredients. 


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