Cooking Light Using a Low Fat Cookbook

Using a low fat cookbook, you can create a great meal plan and shopping list and get on your way to a healthier diet packed with lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Here’s how:

Select a Low Fat Cookbook

Search online or get recommendations from friends for a good low fat cookbook. The choices are quite endless, with ones focused on everything from vegetarian cuisine to ethnic cuisine to American favorites reworked to be healthier. There is bound to be a low fat cookbook that works for you. If you don’t want to purchase a cookbook, most libraries have tons of cookbooks for you to choose from.

Select Recipes that Sound Good

Scan through the book over a few days, and select 5-6 recipes that sound like they would be good to eat. Mark the pages with bookmarks or pieces of paper and record the ingredients that you need for all the recipes (with both item and quantity required).

Create a Shopping List

Using the notes on the ingredients needed, create a shopping list divided into areas of the grocery store for easier shopping. For example, include all fruits and vegetables together, all dairy together, all meat together and so on.

Begin Cooking

On the first day, follow your first recipes you selected, using the ingredients you purchased. Be sure to use the proper oils, seasonings and condiments recommended, as making substitutions here can increase the fat content of your food. Follow the recipes closely, and create your first low fat meal using your new cookbook.

Continue Cooking

Continue cooking through your meal plan for the rest of the week, making notes as to your favorite dishes so that you can remember later which things you liked. Either continue making more recipes from that book (if you were happy with the ones you made), or look for another book and begin the process over again.

A low fat diet can be easy to follow with the right resources, namely some good low fat cookbooks that make the diet fun and delicious. Start looking for a new cookbook today and get cooking!


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