Considering a Family Diet Plan? 4 Exercises to Help Your Family Reach Your Goals

If you and your family diet together every day, you should also exercise together to try and reach your individual weight loss goals. By performing fitness activities together, family members can motivate each other to reach their target weight. There are many exercises that a family may want to try, including fitness activities and sports.

1. Running

Running together is an enjoyable way for a family to work toward their individual fitness goals. Some members will most likely be in better shape than others, so the best way to run together as a family is on a quarter-mile track. This way everyone can still be together, instead of having the faster members separate themselves from the rest of the family on a road or running course.

Since each member of the family may have a different number of pounds that they want to lose, the distance of the running workout that each person performs may need to vary. For example, if the father wants to lose 20 pounds, he may want to run longer than his daughter who only wants to lose 10 pounds. Another option is for the father to run faster, if all of the family members need to end their running session at the same time.

2. Weight Training

There are different options for weight training together as a family. If each member belongs to a gym or health club, the family can travel together to workout. If the family owns a set of weights, the members can just workout at home. As with running, the goals of each individual will determine the type of weight training that they will perform.

Circuit training is a method of weight training for the family members to consider. Each person can perform a different weightlifting exercise at the same time. For example, the mother can do dumbbell curls, the father bench presses, and the children can do leg exercises. Once each person finishes the lift, everyone switches to a different exercise with no rest between sets.

3. Swimming

Swimming at home is not an exercise option for many families, but swimming at a local club or at the ocean may be a possibility. Swimming in the ocean is more difficult, but it can also be more fun since the family can also relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach. If each member enjoys swimming, the family can set a day and time to perform the activity together.

4. Ball Sports

Ball sports such as basketball and volleyball are ideal ways for a family to train together. If there is a basketball hoop at the family home or a volleyball net in the backyard, the family members can play small-sided games together without having to travel. Getting into some pickup games at a local gym or health club is another option the family members can consider, if they do not mind participating in a team sport with other people.



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