Coffee and Pregnancy

Many expectant parents often wonder what the correlation is between coffee and pregnancy. Some feel that drinking coffee does not have any effects on pregnancy. Others feel it is best to not drink this beverage because they are unsure of the outcome. There have been many studies conducted on this subject for this very reason. Some studies say that drinking coffee is not safe, while others say to limit your intake.

Safe or Unsafe

If you know that you cannot give up drinking coffee, then you may want to consult your physician. Your doctor will probably inform you that a high level of caffeine has been linked to premature births and even a lower birth weight. Sometimes it is recommended you should avoid caffeine during the first trimester, in order to make sure that you do not experience any complications such as having a miscarriage.

Some studies that have been conducted have come up with the conclusion that if you consume caffeine that has more than 100 to 200 milligrams  of caffeine each day, you have a greater risk of having complications. To be safe you will probably want to avoid caffeine completely. You do not want increase your chances of pregnancy complications such as low birth weight, a miscarriage or even a stillbirth.

Alternatives to Coffee

If want to make sure that you are drinking beverages that will not produce any complications during your pregnancy, the majority of doctors will recommend that you drink a healthy amount of water. Sometimes drinking a lot of water can become boring; however, there are various ingredients that can be consumed simultaneously to stimulate your taste buds. Eating fruit and then drinking water can help you overcome any issues you may have. Don’t limit yourself to just fruit or you may start to experience boredom again. You should be creative when thinking of what you can do to enhance your water drinking experience. You should have received a list of healthy foods and drinks from your doctor, so try to incorporate those into your diet.

Another safe alternative that is often recommended is milk. There are many different types of milk that available for you to drink. Often soy milk is a healthy alternative; however, it is recommended that you choose one that is calcium-fortified. If you do not feel comfortable drinking soy milk or your doctor does not think that it would be a good choice for your body requirements, there are other types of milks available. Reduced or low-fat milks are usually acceptable during pregnancy. If you’re on a special diet then you should speak with your physician to ensure that you do not overstep the boundaries of your diet.


The choice is ultimately yours when deciding what beverages to drink, but you must prepare for the possibility that if you do drink something that is not recommended by your doctor, there are complications that could occur. You have another life inside of you now, so stay healthy.


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