Coconut Diet

The Coconut Diet is based on the idea that people who eat a diet high in coconut oil have fewer chronic health problems and maintain a healthy weight more easily. This theory is based on observations of native populations where the traditional diet contains a large amount of coconut oil. 

The Premise

The Coconut Diet’s creators believe that pure coconut oil contains fats beneficial to human health. They claim that the body metabolizes coconut oil fats differently from the way it does other fats, and that the fats in coconut oil are always used for energy right away, rather than being stored for later use. The authors of the Coconut Diet go on to claim that the fats in pure coconut oil boost metabolism, improve digestive and thyroid function and strengthen immunity against viruses.

The Diet

The Coconut Diet occurs in four phases. They are:

  • The 21 Day Weight Loss Kickoff
  • Cleansing
  • Introducing Healthy Carbs
  • Maintenance

In phase one, you’ll eat lean meat and vegetables. You won’t be allowed grains, fruits or sweets. You’ll have three meals and one or two daily snacks. The Coconut Diet claims dieters can lose at least ten pounds during the first phase of the diet.

In phase two, you’ll undergo a cleansing process. You’ll drink a variety of fiber rich vegetable drinks during this phase. You’re advised to receive a colonic.

In phase three, you’ll be allowed to gradually reintroduce starchy vegetables and whole grains into your diet. You’ll also be allowed to begin eating some fruits.

In phase four, you’ll begin maintaining your healthy weight and new lifestyle over the long term. You’ll be allowed to eat a still wider range of foods. However, you still won’t be able to eat sweets or some fruits, and you won’t be allowed to drink alcohol.

You’re required to eat two to three tablespoons of pure coconut oil daily, preferably as part of the ingredients of a sauce, salad dressing or smoothie.

The Coconut Diet encourages dieters to perform both weight training and aerobic exercise. At minimum, you’ll need to do 15 minutes of some sort of exercise each day on this diet.

What to Get Excited Over

The Coconut Diet encourages the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are low on the glycemic index, so they won’t cause dramatic changes in blood sugar levels. It also encourages the consumption of plenty of lean protein, which your body needs for cell regeneration and muscle growth. The Coconut Diet is nutritionally balanced, and the addition of pure coconut oil may indeed help some with thyroid problems, chronic fatigue syndrome or severe viral infection.

Things to Consider

The Coconut Diet requires dieters to follow strict and confusing rules. It’s difficult to eat out on this diet, and the recommended recipes are difficult to prepare. The Coconut Diet may not provide adequate calories for all dieters, especially those who are very active. The recommended foods for this diet, particularly pure coconut oil, can be difficult to obtain.

The Verdict

The Coconut Diet can be a great weight loss plan, but only if you’re very motivated.


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