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The Clean Program is a diet created by Dr. Alejandro Junger that aims to help the body restore its natural ability to heal itself. Dr. Junger, a cardiologist, believes that common ailments like colds, excess weight, acne, constipation, depression, anxiety and fatigue are due to a toxic buildup in our system. The Clean Program provides dieters with the tools to support and detoxify their bodies so that they can lose weight and prevent common health issues.

The Premise

The Clean Program is a detox that will remove the toxins from the body and will help the body repair and heal from the damage caused by these toxins. The Clean Program promotes a 21-day detoxification diet that is designed to rid the body of toxins while providing the body with necessary nutrients.

The Diet

The Clean Program is a three-week cleanse. Dr. Junger warns that the first week will be difficult because of how ingrained unhealthy eating and drinking habits are in our minds. By the end of the first week, dieters will experience a surge in energy and clarity of mind because of the release of toxins from tissues.

On the second week of the cleanse, dieters will experience greater benefits as the organs of the body are optimized. Dr. Junger states that symptoms such as weight issues, allergies and skin problems should begin to disappear.

During the third week, dieters will notice that their bodies feel more vital and energetic. At this point, Dr. Junger states dieters have begun to reverse the aging process. Stubborn pounds should drop away, dieters should sleep better and their skin complexion should tighten, firm and glow.

While on the Clean Program, dieters will follow a meal plan that was created by Jill Pettijohn. This meal plan will include one solid meal and two liquid meals, such as juice, smoothies or soup, a day. Dr. Junger recommends a liquid meal for breakfast and dinner and the solid meal for lunch. This is because a 12-hour fast between dinner and breakfast will help the body free up energy and allow for greater detoxification.

Compared to other detoxs, the Clean Program provides dieters with a gentle approach to detoxifying the body. Because calories do not drop severely low, dieters should still be able to maintain their energy levels during the 21-day detox. Furthermore, the Clean Program includes a balanced and nutritious meal plan that incorporates protein, which should help dieters maintain muscle mass. Many other detoxs fail to include protein, which can lead to a loss in muscle mass and therefore a slowing of the dieter’s metabolism rate.

Things to Consider

The Clean Program recommends supplements in addition to the meal plan to maximize results. These supplements can be expensive and will increase the overall cost of the cleanse. Dr. Junger recommends colonics and laxatives on the Clean Program. Several scientific studies show that colonics and laxatives can actually negatively impact the body’s digestive tract.


For dieters who are looking for a short-term cleanse to jump start weight loss and healthy eating habits, the Clean Program provides a balanced cleanse that incorporates a healthy number of calories, nutrients and proteins.


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