Clean Program: 6 Meal Ideas

The clean program is a 21 day cleanse created by Alejandro Junger, MD. It requires that you buy products that include a shake mix and supplements designed to give the body optimal nutrition and to facilitate ridding the body of excess yeast while strengthening the liver and other major organs. For the 21 days on the program, you have a shake for breakfast and dinner and a meal for lunch. There are very specific foods that you can choose from so it’s important to plan this meal carefully. Here are 6 ideas for tasty and clean program approved meals.

1. Quinoa and Kale

Quinoa is an ancient grain that is high in protein and won’t create a glycemic spike. It’s also easy on the digestion. Saute some dino kale with onions, garlic, and water. Add some rosemary for extra taste. Put on top of the quinoa and add a teaspoon of cold pressed olive oil and a bit of apple cider vinegar. Top with some chopped, sprouted raw almonds. (To sprout the almonds, soak in water for 3-4 hours so that your body gets more of the protein).

2. Garlic Chicken and Broccoli

Lean chicken is a great source of protein. Cooking it slowly helps it maintain some tenderness and prevents it from getting dry. Stir fry your broccoli in some water and basil with as much garlic as you want. Add a half teaspoon of coconut oil, mix and serve over brown rice.

3. Lemon Quinoa and Chicken Casserole

Boil some celery, carrots, onions, and rainbow chard. Set the vegetables aside and save the broth. Put uncooked quinoa and chicken in a casserole dish. Add the juice of one lemon and enough of the broth so that the quinoa is floating and you have the amount of quinoa to liquid. Cook on 300 degrees for an hour until the quinoa is fully popped and the chicken is done.

4. Salmon Surprise

You can poach salmon at home for a succulent and healthy dish. Put your salmon in a pan and cover with almond milk. Surround the salmon with green and yellow squash. Bring to a boil and then turn off the heat and cover. Let it sit for 15 minutes completely covered. Serve over brown rice or quinoa.

5. Macro Bowl

Make a sauce with raw tahini, raw almond butter, garlic, and lemon. Use water so that it’s not too thick and thus will be less fattening. Chop some raw dino kale and put on top of hot quinoa. Add some raw kim chi, raw chopped carrots, and raw sprouted almonds. Mix in some of the tahini sauce for a very healthy and cleansing bowll.

6. Frijoles Nigros

Take some organic black beans, already cooked from a can is fine if there’s nothing added. Put in a sauce pan and add chopped garlic, onions, and some cilantro. Add a bit of water for desired consistency as well. Cook on medium until hot. Serve over quinoa for a hearty and comforting soup-like meal.

There are many ways that you can experiment with the foods you get to choose from on the clean program. Create your own recipes and enjoy!


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