Clean Program: 10 Great Snacks

On the clean program, your goal is to help restore your body’s digestive functioning and clean out excess yeast and unfriendly bacteria. It’s important to choose your foods carefully from the list of the foods that are allowed on the diet. These foods are very easy to digest and will help you improve your health. While the list may seem a bit limited, there are many ways to creatively maintain a varied and tasty diet. Here are 10 snack ideas to get you started.

1. Nut Butter Rice Cake

Brown rice cakes are great for you and you can get them unsalted and organic. Spread a tablespoon of raw almond butter on top of the cake. For those who like bananas, try slicing half a banana on top!

2. Salmon Wraps

If you have some left over salmon from dinner, this is a quick snack for the next day. Take a large leaf of chard or kale and soak in a teaspoon of cold pressed olive oil with a bit of lemon juice, rosemary, and a small amount of water. Even just a few minutes will do. Wrap up your cold salmon with some sliced cucumber.

3. Frozen Fruit

Many fruits are great frozen and you’ll feel like you’re having a treat. Try cubes of papaya or mango or slices of banana or kiwi in an ice tray and frozen overnight. Put on a toothpick and enjoy!

4. Raw Almonds

Soak raw almonds in water for 3-4 hours to sprout them so that your body can better absorb the protein. Measure out a quarter cup for a hearty snack.

5. Carrots With Fava Bean Hummus

You can make your own hummus out of fava beans, raw tahini, lemon juice, and cilantro. Take one or two carrots for a dip!

6. Cool Quinoa

A quarter cup of cooked quinoa from last night’s dinner makes a great quick snack. This ancient grain has protein and won’t spike your blood sugar. Try adding a little lemon juice and a bit of cold olive oil and some sesame seeds.

7. Seaweed Wrap

Buy dried Nori sheets from your local health food store. Chop up some cucumber and a tablespoon of avocado. Garnish with sesame seeds and lemon juice for a very healthy wrap.

8. Quick Salad

You can buy lettuce already chopped in a bag at many grocery stores. You can also purchase baby carrots that are ready to serve. Add some cold salmon or chicken from last night. Make your own dressing with some cold pressed olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and Italian spices. Add  cucumbers if you have some extra time.

9. Quick Smoothie

Blend some mango squares with some frozen blueberries and unsweetened acai berry packets. Add 4 drops of Stevia and a tablespoon of raw flax seeds and water to the desired consistency.

10. Apples With Almond Butter

Cut an apple into quarters. Coat with a tablespoon of raw almond butter. Roll the apple slices in raw flax seeds for some added crunch.




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