Circuit vs. Weight Training – Which Is Better?

Circuit or weight training: which is better for an optimized work out that burns maximum calories? To answer this question, let’s first define these two distinct exercises.

Circuit training refers to doing exercises one after another, with very little rest so that your heart rate stays elevated to burn more calories. Circuits can be done in a gym, at home, or in a park on different apparatuses, such as a chin-up bar or jumping over low “spiders.”

Weight training means resistance training that includes any kind of exercise using weight. This means lifting weights at the gym or doing push-ups where you lift your entire body weight.

Differentiating Between Circuit Training and Weight Training

To lose weight quickly and see an immediate difference, choose circuit training, and work with a certified personal trainer to learn how to do all the exercises safely.

You could do 5 to 7 different exercises in 30 minutes to burn in the range of 250 to 450 calories (depending on your weight and difficult of the exercises). By not resting very long between each exercise, you work the heart and lungs and turn the session into cardiovascular work. Do not speed through the workout, though, you want to stay in the “fat-burning zone,” which means moving through each exercise precisely to use as many of the large and smaller muscle groups.

Resistance training will build lean muscle mass that have larger caloric needs. That means that lean tissue will boost your metabolism so that your body actually becomes more efficient at burning calories—even while you sleep. Work with an experienced trainer so that you exercise safely, and target all the muscle groups to prevent muscle imbalances.

The Verdict

To lose weight more immediately, go with circuit training. It will efficiently build muscle, and you won’t have time to be distracted or bored.

Resistance training generally is split into upper and lower-body workouts, so that means exercising at least four times a week, a greater time commitment.

The best training is the one you can stick to and have fun with. Any exercise you do consistently is the one that will help you lose weight and stay in shape!


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