Choosing Women’s Fitness Pants: What to Look For

Finding the right women’s fitness pants to wear for your exercise session may seem insignificant to some, but the right pair can make a large difference in how well you perform. There are a few key points that need to be considered when searching for the right pair for you.


The length of women’s fitness pants varies between brands and styles. Some styles carry pants that fall mid-calf, exposing half of the lower shin. These pants are good if you will be using machines or exercise tools that could get caught in loose-hemmed pants. These pants also allow heat to escape better than full-length pants, so if you will be exercising heavily or in higher temperatures, these will help you stay cool.

Longer pants are great for most kinds of exercises, from running to weight training to yoga and allow you to work out in cool to moderate temperatures. They also provide decent protection for your legs from surface injuries and germs. Be sure to stay away from pants that are too long, as they will get caught under your shoes, potentially causing an injury. The best way to prevent this is to wear the shoes you will be exercising in when you try on your pants to make sure the length is just right.

Fabric and Comfort

Women’s fitness pants are made out of a number of different fabrics. Some of these fabrics are more breathable than others, while some fabrics offer wind resistance and greater warmth.

Cotton stretch pants (such as those worn for yoga) are great for most forms of exercise, but are best for yoga, Pilates and dancing. Windbreaker pants offer great protection from cold but are less flexible than cotton stretch pants. Cotton is also much more comfortable than other kinds of fabrics and allows you to concentrate on the exercise at hand, rather than how uncomfortable your pants are.

You should consider the types of exercises you will be performing in order to choose the correct type of fabric for your pants.


The price of women’s fitness pants ranges from inexpensive to over-the-top. Many of the pants that are less expensive offer just as much quality and satisfaction as their pricier competitors. Compare prices of different kinds of pants, brands and stores before making a decision.

You should be wary of pants that are extremely cheap, as they might not provide good quality and may tear or wear out quickly. Likewise, don’t assume that a very expensive or well-known brand offers the best quality of pants. Use your best judgment when it comes to price vs. quality and you’re likely to find a decent pair within your budget.

You will find that choosing a pair of women’s fitness pants that are modestly priced and that provide you with the comfort and durability you need to perform your exercises well is possible, if you can identify exactly what it is you want to get out of them. Decide what your needs are before beginning your search, and let those needs be your guide for finding the right pair for you.


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