Choosing the Right Stretching Equipment

When choosing the right stretching equipment, one should first have a little understanding of stretch science, plus an idea of what the stretching will benefit. Knowing what to stretch has a lot to do with what exercises will take place during a workout. The right equipment will allow those seeking to gain weight, build muscle, or achieve any physical goal in a safer, risk-free approach.

Planning and Approach

As mentioned, a properly designed workout plan allows people to have an idea of the stretches that need to take place prior to the exercising. As a simple example, a major leg workout does not necessarily require a ton of shoulder specific stretches, while a shoulder and upper body workout would fit with those stretches much better. Having this basic knowledge allows people to better understand what stretches are needed and when. The next steps involve people actually knowing what stretches work what parts of the human muscle anatomy, plus seeking the use of equipment aided assistance.

The Right Stretches and Equipment

Stretching should occur before, during and after a workout. By knowing which muscle groups will be targeted, one can tailor the stretching and warm up towards those areas. People choose to stretch without messing with any sort of equipment, though by using machines that will be used throughout the workout, one can stretch the exact muscle fibers, tendons and joints by using low weight. Stretching and completing repetitions that will actually count toward the workout with the same machine works well. The use of equipment commonly found around the gym, or maybe at home, such as medicine balls, unloaded bars, light dumbbells and resistance bands offer some of the more traditional stretching equipment choices. Many of these items provide a way for people to get a stronger, more intense stretch. Free stretching (stretching without equipment) only offers the weighted resistance of the individual’s body weight, or less. The use of weighted equipment like a dumbbell or resistance band will enhance a stretch, warm the body temperature faster and ultimately provide a more thorough warm-up.

Main Concept

The right stretching equipment will be the items that offer muscle specific stretches, while causing little discomfort and plenty of ease. Stretching ties in closely with warming up. Cardiovascular involved stretches such as jumping rope or stationary high stepping with dumbbells are examples of incorporating the two at the same time. A thorough stretch for the targeted muscle group of a workout becomes enhanced with the use of different equipment, and each has their distinct advantages. Experimenting with different devices and items should be paired with mixing in free stretches. This will provide the groundwork for a better chance at achieving personal goals injury free. One piece of equipment will not offer the best stretch for every muscle, so choose wisely and don’t be afraid to change techniques up.


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