Choosing The Right Calcium Supplements

Calcium supplements are an easy way to make sure you are getting the required amount of calcium. It can be hard to pick the right supplement for you, and when shopping for these supplements, you may find many brands at your local store. How can you choose? Start by considering these options and facts.

The Essential Role of Calcium

Calcium is a very essential nutrient for our body: it helps our body to build bones, and it also helps to produce a regular heartbeat, conduct nerve impulse, and clot blood. Most women do not eat enough calcium in their diet.

Calcium can be found in such food sources as dairy products and green vegetables. If you do not eat enough of these products, a calcium supplement can ensure you get the required amount into your system each day.

Considering Which Compound to Take

Not every calcium supplement is created equally. Some have a higher concentrate (calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate). Taking a higher concentrated supplement means taking fewer pills. Yet, they don’t absorb into your stomach as well, especially those labeled as calcium phosphate.

Calcium citrate (Tums or Caltrate are two notable brands) is considered the easiest compound of calicum to take. They do require more pill swallowing, yet, they are easier on the stomach.

No matter what compound you decide to take, make sure you are taking enough of the total element of calcium itself. The Dietary Reference Intake of calcium for adults per day is 1,000 mg. to 1,300 mg. 

Considering Name Brands

Some people will only trust calcium supplements that they heard of, such as Caltrate. If you really want to know if your choice brand is a good one, consider this: a good calcium supplement is not just its brand name. It is a supplement that will absorb well in the body.

If you wonder if your supplement can absorb well, check and see if it has a USP label. This label shows that it meets the US Pharmacopeia’s standards. Their standards are based on how well a product absorbs into our systems, and how much calcium it supplies.

Calcium Supplements with Other Nutrients

Many people choose to take a calcium supplement that also includes Vitamin D. The reason behind their decision is simple: calcium helps to build bones, and Vitamin D helps to protect them. They believe this will further help their fight with osteoporosis (a disease that causes bone loss). Many studies have proven this theory. For this reason, most physicians would recommend taking a calcium supplement that has Vitamin D in it (especially if you are middle age or older).

Fish Oil can also be beneficial in a supplement, as it helps absorb your calcium (and helps many other health conditions).

Possible Side Effects of Calcium Supplement

Some of the side effects that have been reported when taking calcium supplements include constipation, bloating, and in rare cases, the development of kidney stones. You can help reduce the constipation symptoms by adding more liquids to your diet .You can reduce any bloating by lowering your dosage or switching to another brand. If kidney stones begin to develop, discuss adding a potassium supplement to your regime with your physician.


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