Choosing the Right Bra for Your Body

Being comfortable is an important factor when choosing the right bra for your body. While it is not the only deciding factor if you are comfortable with your bra, then it is definitely a step in the right direction towards picking the correct bra. It is quite important that you choose a bra that fits your body type. Bras are available in many sizes and styles, so that you do not have to endure the discomforts of wearing an inappropriate bra.

Bra Size

When you put on your bra, it is important that it fits appropriately. To determine which bra will be best for you, you must first determine your bra size. Make sure that you are wearing a bra that fits the best during this process. Place one end of the measuring tape underneath your bust area and wrap it completely around your back. Keep wrapping the tape around until the other part of the tape meets the end that is underneath your bust.

Firmly hold the measuring tape against your skin then take a deep breath. Measure the circumference of the area. Either make a mental note of the number or write it down. It is important that you round this number to the closest whole inch. If this number is an even number, then add four inches to figure out your bra size. If this number is an odd number, then you add five inches. If the measurement is thirty-two, then you would add four to that number and your bra size would be thirty-six.

Cup Size

Make sure that you are still wearing your bra. To measure your cup size, you will need to warp the measuring tape around your bust. To ensure that you get the most accurate measurement, then it is important to wrap the tape around the most robust part of your bust. Wrap the measuring tape around your back as you did when measuring your cup size. Make a note of this measurement and make sure that you round to closest whole inch.

To determine the cup size, you subtract this measurement from your bra size. If this measurement is thirty-four then you would subtract his number from bra size. The equation to determine your cup size would be thirty-six minus thirty-four which equals two. If this number was less than one, then your cup size would be AA. If this number was equal to one, then your cup size would be A. If this number was two, then your cup size would be B. You would continue with this pattern until you figure out your cup size. Since your number equal to two then your cup size is B.

Bra Shopping

When you go shopping, locate a bra that corresponds with your bra and cup size. Once you find the thirty-six B type bras, then pick some that you like. Find the bra that fits your lifestyle needs. You can either make a purchase or you can wear the bra to make sure that it fits appropriately, then purchase depending upon the store. Make sure you are comfortable with your decision.


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