Choosing the Right Bra after Weight Gain

Choosing the right bra after weight gain can be a simple process. It is not uncommon for your bra and cup size to change significantly after you gain weight. It is important that you are familiar with your body measurements so that you can choose a bra that will fit you comfortably. You can either use one of your bras that at one point fit you comfortably to determine your new bra size and cup size, or you measure your body again. Either method should work to help you find the right bra.

Weight Gain

Gaining weight as you experience life changes is not uncommon. If you become pregnant, then you there is a possibility that your bra and cup size will change. There are many times throughout your life when your weight may fluctuate. If you are experiencing your menstrual cycle, then your breast could temporarily increase in size. Also, if you are going through menopause, then a change in your breast size is quite possible.

There are many reasons why women gain weight. It could be that you feel as if you don’t weigh the appropriate amount for your body type or the body type you want. However, it is during those moments that you may want to definitely measure your bra and cup size. During these times, you usually experience some form of discomfort, however, there is no need to add to this discomfort by wearing bras that don’t fit your body.

Sizing Method

Measuring your body to determine your new bra and cup size is easy if you follow a few steps. To figure out your bra size, you can use the measuring tape method. With this method, you must measure bra size by placing one end of the measuring tape below your bust and wrapping it around your back and across your chest until the other end until meets the piece that is below your bust. You then round this number to the nearest whole inch. If this number is even, then you add four to it, and if it is odd, then you add five to it–then you will know your bra or brand size.

Instead of measuring below your bust, to figure out your cup size you will measure across the fullest part of your breast and around your back as you did when you measured your bra size. Subtract this measurement from your bra size. Once this calculation is complete, then you can use a cup sizing chart to determine if you are an A, AA, B, C and so forth.

New Bra

When you consider making a new bra purchase, then make sure that you are aware of the various styles that are available. There are bras that are designed specifically to fit your needs so take your time and research the benefits. A small amount of research could affect whether or not you experience discomfort with your bra. If you still cannot seem to find the right bra for your body, then you can always ask friends for their opinions regarding your bra choices.


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