Choosing the Best Diet Supplement for Your Age

Choosing the best diet supplement should be a highly personalized process; big sales or a major marketing plan might get a weight-loss product attention, but they don’t promise that you’ll actually see results (or that they are safe).  A big factor that women often overlook when selecting a diet supplement is their age.  Because different supplements work in different ways, some may be more or less effective depending on the age of their users.


Orovo, for example, promotes “age-defying beauty” and actually offers MORE benefits to its older users than it will to women in their 20’s or 30’s.  Orovo combines the active ingredients of 14 super foods to give your body a natural boost.  The product also promises to reduce facial signs of aging.  The bottom line is that Orovo has not only been proven to be effective in aiding weight loss, but that it is a healthy alternative to more extreme and less natural supplements.


Nuphedragen on the other hand is a diet supplement that will work better on younger women.  While Nuphedragen’s effectiveness can be dubious, dieters intent on using it should know that it’s basically an upper.  Its active ingredients include at least two kinds of caffeine and only one fat-burning ingredient, meaning that it could easily overstress older users. Also, people who are sensitive to caffeine should not use this product!


Metabolife is another popular diet supplement that is best suited for younger dieters.  While many Metabolife users have reported significant success with the drug, a small number of users have also experienced heart problems, making it a poor choice for women that are already at-risk for heart disease or stroke.  The excessive caffeine contained in Metabolife also makes it a poor choice for women prone to insomnia.

Zantrex 3

Zantrex 3 is yet another diet supplement that relies on caffeine to boost your body’s fat-burning potential.  While Zantrex 3 carries the usual warnings for dieters with pre-existing conditions like diabetes,  hypertension, and heart disease, their site promises that the pill is otherwise safe for dieters of all ages.  On a positive note, while Zantrex 3 relies on outdated dieting technologies, it does offset its use of caffeine with healthier ingredients like green tea and ginseng.

It is crucial you talk to your health care provider before taking any diet supplements, as the possible side effects can be a major hazzard to your health…at any age!


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