Choosing Lingerie after Weight Loss

One of the best things about losing weight is the fact that your new body allows you to wear clothes that you never had the chance to wear before, and this includes some sexy lingerie. Perhaps you have recently tied the knot and are now preparing for your honeymoon. Perhaps your anniversary is coming up and you want to set up a romantic date night. Maybe you just want to celebrate your new leaner figure. All these are valid reasons to purchase lingerie. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind before you start shopping for sensual underthings.

Find the Perfect Fit

If you like flipping through fashion magazines or watching talk shows then you probably know by now that lingerie items are no longer designed just for women who have supermodel-like figures. In fact, there are now numerous lines of lingerie that are specifically targeted at plus-sized women. This wide variety in sizes gives you a better chance of finding the perfect fit for your figure. Beware of selecting a size that’s too small for you. We know, we know. Now that you’ve lost weight, you want nothing better than to show it off with a skimpy outfit. However, lingerie that’s much smaller than your size will fail to flatter your new figure. In fact, it might do just the opposite. An outfit that’s too tight will cause you to bulge in unsightly places. On the other hand, don’t try to hide your body by wearing lingerie that’s sizes too big. After all, you want to showcase your new slender figure and not conceal it.

Listen to Your Gut

Or what used to be your gut, that is! Although lingerie is designed to be sexy, it still needs to be worn with a certain attitude and confidence to make it work. In order for you to be confident, you need to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. In order for you to be comfortable, you have to follow your own taste. For instance, if you feel more comfortable in a babydoll lacy outfit, don’t listen to the saleswoman when she tries to convince you that you would look better in a corset and thong. Remember that it’s the saleslady’s job to sell as much as she can. However, since you will be spending your hard-earned money, you should have the last say.

Emphasize Your Assets

This one is a general rule when it comes to fashion for women, whether it’s clothing or makeup. What you want is an outfit that will highlight your best features while downplaying your weaker assets. For example, if you still have a bit of tummy but your legs are in great shape, choose lingerie that covers up your middle section but is cut just a little below your hips so you can show off your weight loss on your thighs. If you are yet to lose weight around the bust area then you can also try a minimizer bra.

These are some of the basic guidelines that you should follow when shopping for lingerie for your new slimmer figure.


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