Choosing a Teacher for Pilates Core Training

As Pilates grows in popularity, there are more and more studios popping up every day for Pilates core training. So how do you know what teacher is right for you? After all, Pilates is a very technical and scientific form of exercise, and you want only the best teacher. But what should you look for when choosing a teacher for your Pilates core training?


You wouldn’t go to a doctor who wasn’t certified, so why should you settle for an instructor who doesn’t have proper certification? There are many different varieties of certifications for Pilates core training instructors, from mat instructor certifications to comprehensive Pilates certifications, and many more in-depth certifications for instructors wishing to teach a specified type of Pilates class.

Finding out how deep an instructor’s Pilates training is will help you guage if she is appropriate for your needs. You may find that many instructors are qualified to teach core training because it is an integral part of Pilates in general. In this case, your judgment of how trained you want your teacher to be will be a leading factor in your decision.

Teacher-Student Connection

The only way to truly know how you and a teacher will work together is to take a class from her. You need to understand how a teacher treats her class before you can decide if she is the teacher for you. Luckily, you will find that many Pilates studios offer a free or discounted class for new students. After confirming the certification for a teacher, try out a class.

Pilates core training requires dedication and an understanding of the human body. Since each body is unique with different needs, your teacher should react to those needs accordingly, and communicate with each person on a separate level. This isn’t to say that Pilates core training is an intimate exercise strictly between you and your teacher, but a common bond should be present.

General Connection

During class, note how clear the teacher is with directions. Notice her attitude toward the exercises. Does she incorporate her own experience into her excersises? Does she suggest ways to do exercises that she has found to be more effective than how they are normally taught? These things will help you decide if she is worth spending more time with or not.

Do you like the teacher? Does she inspire you to work harder to reach your goals? If you feel like the teacher lacks a genuine interest in your goals, she is probably not the teacher for you.

Pilates core training can be an important part of your life if you have the right teacher to guide you. Take each of these aspects into consideration as you begin your quest for a teacher that meets your needs. Remember that you should seek a balance between a teacher that cares for and guides you, as well as pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of. The teacher that can do this effectively, with mutual appreciation, will be the Pilates core training teacher for you.


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