Choosing a Heart Rate Watch: 9 Cool Features

Stay motivated, stay in tuned with your body, and track your progress with a heart rate monitor. Watching your heart rate during exercise can make a huge impact on achieving your personal goals during a workout.

Choosing a heart rate monitor can be difficult, though, because of so many features that are offered. So do your research and pick one that meets your specific needs, you’ll save money! Here are nine cool features to think about when making your next purchase:

Feature #1: ECG Accurate

This feature allows for you to receive a continuous heart rate reading while being extremely accurate. Plus, you don’t have to stop exercising to get a reading. The downfall is that you need to wear a chest strap, but it’s something that you will get use to over time.

Feature #2: Target Zone Alarm

This will let you know when you are exercising in your targeted zone. This feature is great because it lets you know when adjustments in your intensity need to be made.

Feature #3: Multiple Target Zones

There are different zones you can be working out in, such as for fat burning and cardiovascular conditioning. So this feature lets you set up the zones you want to workout in. This feature will also keep track of multiple people’s target zones that are using the heart rate monitor.

Feature #4: Fitness Test

This will guide you through a fitness test, like a personal trainer would. It is great because it can help you track your fitness progress throughout time.

Feature #5: Calorie Calculator

If your goal is to lose weight, this feature is definitely a good one. Based on the information you program into the monitor, the duration of the exercise session, and your heart rate, it will keep track of the calories you burned during your workout.

Feature #6: Computer Interface

This feature will allow you to transfer information onto your computer from the heart rate monitor. It’s great for saving and keeping track of your fitness progress.

Feature #7: Pedometer

This will keep track of steps you take during the day or during your workout. It is important to walk as much as you can during a day, so you aren’t sedentary, and this feature will help promote that.

Feature #8: Battery Type

When purchasing a heart rate monitor, make sure to ask what type of battery it uses, and the battery life. Some batteries in heart rate monitors can only be changed if they are sent back to the manufacturer, causing inconvenience.  Also, keep in mind cost will have a big impact on what type of battery will come with a heart rate monitor.

Feature #9: Waterproof

If you plan on working out in the pool, near water, or running in rain, this feature would be great for you. This will insure you that your heart rate monitor won’t be damaged by any water contact.

Heart rate monitors are great for serious athletes, as well as the casual exercisers, which is why there are so many functions you can choose from when making a purchase. So, make sure to know what your needs are before entering a store.


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