Choosing A Cleansing Diet For Your Body Type

There are many popular cleansing diets to choose from, and depending on your primary goals and your body type, you can choose one that is right for you. The most popular cleansing diets benefit the colon, liver, and bloodstream, and they have on the thing in common – eliminating junk food and processed foods from your body. Most of them require eating raw foods, like vegetables and fruits, while others include extensive juice fasting. 

What is Your Goal?

Before you begin any cleansing diet, you must identify what your goal is for your specific body type. Along with identifying it, if you wish to target water retention, liver cleansing, colon cleansing, or bloodstream cleansing, you will want to determine how long you would like to commit to the cleanse. Many detox diets range from a period of 3 to 21 days. Think about how long you want to commit to a cleansing diet before you begin the process.

Research the Diet Thoroughly

Many people use cleansing diets incorrectly in hopes that they will help them to lose weight. In actuality, many of the cleansing diets are meant to flush your system, not remove fat. Based on your body type and what you hope to accomplish, you can select one of the following cleansing diets:

Fruit Juice Cleanse

This cleanse requires you to eat nothing but fruit or fruit juice for a period of three days to a week. The fiber in the fruit assists in cleansing your system, while also supplying your body with basic sugars.

Lemonade or Master Cleanse

This cleanse requires that you drink a mixture of hot water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for a period of three days. This is thought to purify the blood, while keeping your blood sugar fairly level.

Raw Food or Liver Cleanse

This is typically an eight-week program that requires you to eat raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. By avoiding processed foods, dairy, and carbohydrates, you cut out many refined sugars and flours, hydrogenated fats, and hormone-treated foods, and in turn, detoxify your liver. 

Fat Flush Cleanse

This is more of a diet than a cleanse, but it focuses on detoxifying the liver by cutting out alcohol and caffeine and reducing your caloric intake to 1200 calories. There are three phases of this cleanse that include introducing more calories back into your diet to reach 1500 calories (in the last phase). This cleanse also includes a weight training regimen, to assist in burning the fat.  

Follow your selected cleansing diet for your allotted timeframe, but do not exceed the diet’s recommended time frame. These cleansing diets are not meant for long-term nutrition, and they should only be used for the length of time they are recommended.

If at any point you are uncomfortable with the results, you can stop the cleanse. Many people find the effects of a cleanse take some getting used to.

Whichever cleanse you choose, make sure it is something that will suit your body type and your own individual cleansing goals.



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