Chocolate Milk: Low Fat or Whole Fat?

Choosing which type of chocolate milk to drink, low fat or whole fat, provides a simple question easily answered. Low fat chocolate milk provides the same nutrients as whole fat milk, but in different amounts and ratios.The largest difference between the two is the fat content.

Choosing for a Reason

By looking at the labels of each, one can determine which variety of chocolate milk better suits their physical goals. For weight loss purposes, one would wisely choose the lower fat substitute over the whole fat variety. For those seeking to add on weight through muscle mass, whole fat chocolate milk provides more calories and fat nutrients, giving them a better option overall. Milk provides natural sugars which increase the carbohydrate count, and chocolate flavoring adds even more sugars. Those striving to shed pounds may look past the amount of carbohydrates in chocolate milk and skip right to the fat content argument. However, due to the amount of sugars found in all forms of chocolate milk, the smartest decision for those looking to lose weight lies with the low fat varieties. The combination of high sugar, high fat chocolate milk spells weight gain. Stick to the low fat when trying to maintain a low body fat composition.

Looking Beyond the Label

Although the low fat variety of chocolate milk gets chosen more often by those seeking to lose weight, the results in weight loss may not be affected at all due to its consumption. Many individuals choose healthy product varieties and substitutes, but replace the bad taken out of them through the consumption of other foods. If a low fat chocolate milk costs more than a whole fat variety, but one continues to indulge on other non-nutritious, high calorie fattening choices, then the argument between which chocolate milk to choose flies out of the window. The choice between a whole fat and low or no fat food should act as an indicator to what the rest of the food choices will be. Remaining consistent across the board with all low fat products ensures that someone seeking to lose weight will in fact shed pounds. Choosing whole fat chocolate milk with several other products high in fat does not match any sort of weight loss diet. Keep in mind that food combinations also play a large role in the selection between items with differentiating fat content. Consuming a healthy and nutritious breakfast along with a glass of whole fat milk fits well with a weight loss diet. The amount of calories consumed through the whole foods balances out with the higher calorie, higher fat content of the whole fat chocolate milk. The opposite of this may work as well, being that a larger, more calorie dense breakfast would balance out nicely with a low fat, lower calorie glass of chocolate milk.

Choosing the Right One

Select a whole fat or low fat milk only because the proper research and considerations have been taken into consideration. Never make a quick and simple decision on a staple food like milk, if a serious weight loss or healthy diet plan is in place.


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