Cheater's Diet

The Cheater’s Diet is a relatively new style and mentality of dieting that addresses one of the hardest things to do on a diet – not cheat. Most diets tell you that you can’t cheat, and that doing so will destroy your carefully laid out eating habits and lead you back to the track of fattening and unhealthy foods.

The Diet

With the Cheater’s Diet: Taking the Weekends Off, you are rewarded for five days of eating healthy, exercising and doing all the right things. This is not to say that this diet wants you to do all the right things Monday through Friday and then consume a truck load of cupcakes on the weekend. What is says, at it’s core, is that if you want to have some pizza, go ahead, it’s fine as long as it’s in moderation.

One thing plagues diets, and this is true for almost all of them, is that the strict adherence to your new diet leaves out all of the fun stuff you loved to eat. This creates cravings that you may be able to control in the beginning, but over time, they can get worse and drive you a little crazy. By alleviating that force or unhealthy need, you can feel as if the weekend is your reward for a week well spent making yourself healthier.

This is not to say you wait until 12:01 AM on Saturday and start eating–there are some restrictions to the plan. You are only allowed to do this from 9 AM on Saturday until 9 PM on Sunday. After that, you are expected to eat healthy and be as physically active as possible. This type of diet goes beyond being just a diet, it’s the beginning of a life changing plan.

Why it Works

Most diets fail because they are merely a drastic change to specific aspects of your life, such as what you eat and when you eat. Over time, the restrictions and lack of reward becomes too much and cheating begins; normally in small steps, a potato chip or two here, a cookie there…you know how it goes. But when you incorporate that reward system into a diet such as the Cheater’s Diet, you are beginning to create a whole change in how you live your life–and those are the changes that become permanent.

This is a great idea because it eliminates the stress and anxiety of feeling that you will never be able to eat your favorite foods again–and it removes those cravings. As long as you eat healthy and exercise during the week, you can think to yourself “just hold out until Saturday and that burger is mine!” Cravings? What cravings? With the Cheater’s Diet, cravings become rewards that you know you can get.

Who said cheaters never win?


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