Cheater's Diet: Sample Menu Plan

The Cheater’s Diet is a new eating plan that was devised by a specialist in obesity studies, Dr. Paul Rivas. The theory behind the diet is that weight loss can be achieved by keeping the metabolic rate high enough to keep burning calories throughout the day while not getting bored of the diet itself.  

Rather than skimping on food, the Cheater’s Diet advocates eating 5 times per day and focussing on healthy, Mediterranean-style foods that are high in heart-healthy flavonoids and monounsaturated fats.

The weekends can be taken as “off days” where you may eat anything you like (in moderation) which maintains variety in the diet and keeps your moral high enough to continue the healthy eating again come Monday morning. Here is a sample menu for a typical day on the Cheater’s Diet.


Make a simple omelet without milk or butter and try adding some chopped tomatoes and a pinch of Italian herbs for flavor. Try eating some citrus fruit that will help kick-start your digestion and provide lots of vitamins as well. Grapefruit is a good choice for breakfast time.  

You can also have coffee that will help raise your metabolism due to it’s caffeine content. If you like it white, add a splash of fat-free milk.


Fish is a great choice for lunch on the Cheater’s Diet as it is light, nutritious and low in fat. Try combining a can of tuna (canned in water rather then oil) to some fat-free mayonnaise, some shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes before spreading thickly on a piece of whole-wheat toast. You can add a cup of lightly steamed broccoli on the side if you like.  

To drink, make a large pitcher of iced tea and keep it in the refrigerator. Substitute the sugar for an artificial sweetener, such as Splenda.

Afternoon Snack

Nuts and seeds are one of the best snacks you can have, as they are easy to carry with you, can be eaten almost anywhere and are packed full of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Just a handful of a mixed bag that you can pick up in any health food store will be enough to keep your metabolism level high and provide a boost of energy to keep you going until dinnertime.


Chicken and turkey are great sources of lean protein and are very versatile. Simply grill a turkey or chicken breast with some herbs and serve with steamed asparagus and brown rice. Brown rice contains a lot more fiber and nutritional value than its white counterpart, and is a lot more filling as well.

Evening Snack

By now you will have eaten 4 times and should be feeling great, so there should be no desire to wolf down a pack of cookies before bed-time! However, why not try a mug of good quality hot chocolate with a spoonful of a sugar-free sweetener to relax you before bed.


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