Cheater's Diet: 6 Tasty Snacks

The cheater’s diet has a unique concept: eat a healthy Mediterranean-style diet during the week, and cheat on the weekends. The diet recommends 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, but in a culture that emphasizes chips, ice cream, french fries and other unhealthy foods for snacks, how can you choose healthy snacks for the cheater’s diet? Here are a few snacks that are perfect on this diet.

Snack #1: Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt has many healthful properties: it is full of calcium for healthy bones, contains probiotic bacteria that helps promote a healthy intestinal ecology and has protein for healthy muscles. As long as you avoid yogurt that contains much fat, it can be one of the healthiest snacks you can choose.

Snack #2: Light String Cheese

String cheese is Mozzarella cheese, which is a low fat cheese to begin with. Some brands of string cheese offer a light option, which contains even less fat. String cheese is a great source of calcium and protein.

Snack #3: Nuts and Seeds

You might be surprised to hear that nuts and seeds make good snacks. They are high in calories and contain a lot of fat. However, nuts and seeds contain the healthy fats your body needs. In addition, they are an excellent source of protein. As long as you consume them in moderation, nuts are a great healthy snack. A small handful of nuts and seeds is all you should eat when you eat them as a snack.

Snack #4: Whole Grain Snacks

Whole grains contain a lot of nutrients that help make you healthy. They also contain fiber, which the body is unable to digest and helps you feel fuller. This makes them an excellent choice for snacks between meals. The best whole grain snacks would be whole grain pretzels and crisp breads. These are low-calorie, high-fiber foods that can keep you from overindulging.

Snack #5: Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are another excellent choice for snacks. They don’t require a lot of preparation and they’re chock full of vitamins and nutrients. Fruits and vegetables also contain fiber and will help you fill full between meals. Snack on a piece of fruit when you’re hungry between meals for a delicious pick-me-up. Avoid fruit juices, however, because the fiber has been removed and additional sugars have been added.

Snack #6: Hot Cocoa

While most hot cocoa contains lots of calories and sugars, you can find sugar-free and low-fat hot cocoa that make great snacks to get you going between meals. These types of hot cocoa are a recommended snack on the cheater’s diet.

Snacking has been given quite a bad rap in this country. This is usually because most snack foods that people choose are unhealthy and full of trans fats that can cause many health issues. Snacking is actually important because it keeps your metabolism stable and keeps you from overindulging during meals. The important thing to consider is making sure that when you snack, you snack on foods that are healthy as well as help keep you full between meals.


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