Changes to Your Body after Weight Loss: Breast Size

Once you start losing weight, overall body weight loss quickly becomes visible; this change affects your breast size, too. There are many factors that go into determining breast size, and weight loss can make a difference.

Effects of Weight Loss on Breast Size

In general, losing weight will lead to smaller breasts. Breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissue, and most workout plans aim for fat loss. As a result, fatty tissue leaves the breasts and the surrounding area, causing a smaller band size and a smaller cup size.

One important factor that determines how much weight loss affects breast size is how you carry your weight. Most women have a body type that stays fairly constant regardless of weight loss or gain. This means that while you might lose weight in your breasts, proportionally they will be about the same as they were before.

Another important factor is the makeup of your breasts. They’re made up of both fat cells and the tissues of the mammary glands, which are responsible for producing milk. If fat cells are the main component of the breasts, weight loss will probably lead to a greater change in breast size. For instance, a breastfeeding mother who loses a lot of weight will not see much change in breast size due to the impact of the mammary glands.

One more thing to take into consideration is if you were overweight or obese prior to losing weight. Fat cells can develop in the breasts due to weight gain, so if you gained a lot of weight it’s possible to have gained more fat cells. In this case, losing weight will reduce the amount of fat in the fat cells; the fat cells remain and continue taking up space.

When your breast size changes due to weight loss, it’s possible that their shape will change as well. Losing a lot of weight can lead to sagging breasts and loose skin; however, if you’re worried about these side effects, there are ways to minimize them and adjust to the changes in your body.

Adjusting to the Change

Although your breast size may change due to overall body weight loss, it doesn’t have to be a negative change. To avoid sagging and loose skin, keep a couple of guidelines in mind. Try to keep your weight loss to a healthy two pounds a week. Rapid weight loss is one of the main causes for loose skin. Accomplish this goal by maintaining a healthy diet, rather than trying a crash diet to lose weight fast. Exercise is also an important part of maintaining breast shape and firmness. Strength training that focuses on your upper body strengthens the pectoral muscles. This can make your breasts appear larger, compensating for the size loss due to weight loss. Drink lots of water—being well-hydrated helps your skin maintain its elasticity.

While weight loss may cause your breast size to change, if you keep a healthy diet and exercise regimen their appearance doesn’t have to change significantly. Changing breast size due to weight loss is completely normal and you can easily adjust to it.


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