Change One Diet: Sample Menu Plan

The Change One Diet was created by the makers of Reader’s Digest to create a lifestyle change that one can stick to by changing her lifestyle one week at a time. You start off on week one by changing only breakfast. Then you make new lifestyle changes every week after that.

Based on the USDA Food Pyramid

Change one diet plans are easy. They’re based on the USDA Food Pyramid nutritional information that we see everyday. It’s based on the following nutritional requirements:

  • Between 1300 and 1600 calories depending on factors such as height, weight and gender.
  • Between 30 to 35% of calories should come from fat.
  • No more than 10% of calories should come from saturated or trans fats.
  • Dietary fiber should come to at least 25 g.
  • Calcium should be around 1000 mg.
  • Five servings on fruits and vegetables.


The Change One Diet recommends breakfasts that are high in fruit, calcium and starch. High fiber foods in particular are important for breakfast due to their ability to make you feel fuller and provide nutrients.


Lunch in the Change One Diet should be fulfilled with a piece of lean meat or fish. The key idea here is to keep it small. Vegetarian options can also be eaten for those who have chosen such a lifestyle. This should be eaten along side starchy foods, one piece of fruit and an unlimited serving of vegetables. Vegetables are low calorie, high fiber foods that provide a lot of nutrients your body needs. By eating a healthy serving of vegetables for lunch, you can make yourself feel full and less likely to indulge in high calorie foods that will only increase body weight.


Snacks may have gotten a bad rap, but the Change One Diet actually encourages two snacks each day. Snacking in this manner between meals is encouraged because it keeps your body going and discourages you from overeating during meals. The important thing to remember is snacking smartly. Finding the right snacks and eating them only in moderation is the key to proper snacking on the change one diet.


The Change One Diet plan for dinner involves using low-fat options plus marinades, herbs and spices that add flavor to your meal while not adding additional calories. Dinner should include another lean meat or fish portion followed by a starchy option and unlimited vegetables or salad. If you go with salad, don’t overdo it on the dressing!

Sample Meal Plan


  • Vegetable frittata
  • Dried cranberry scones with orange glaze


  • Chocolate snacking cake


  • Grilled turkey Caesar salad
  • Roasted vegetable wraps with chive sauce


  • Multigrain soft pretzel


  • Thai noodle salad
  • Red snapper
  • Spanish rice

The Change One Diet can change your life and make you healthier. By following a healthy diet, such as the one described here, you can lose weight and keep it off, preventing complications further down the road due to obesity.


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