Change One Diet: 4 Great Snacks

The Change One Diet is a creation of the Reader’s Digest Association. It is a 12-week program which teaches you to take weight loss one step at a time – hence the name.

The main concept of the Change One Diet is very simple and is based on the recommendations of the Food Guide Pyramid created by the US Department of Agriculture. Calorie intake is between 1300 to 1600 calories, depending on the body type and level of physical activity, but there is no calorie counting and no food is forbidden. However, the emphasis is on healthier fare and portion control, as well as dealing with emotional problems, and you can eat 5 times a day. Each week is dedicated to one change, for example, week one is for changing breakfast, week two is for changing lunch, etc.

What kind of snacks can be consumed while following Change One Diet?

1. Fruits, Berries and Vegetables

The Change One Diet recommends eating at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, and the best way of incorporating them in your diet is eating them as a snack. Fruits and berries are full of vitamins and fiber and can easily satisfy a sweet tooth. Vegetables can provide necessary relief to the lovers of crunchy snacks without jeopardizing calorie intake. Just be sure to watch out for fruit and berries with high high sugar contents, such as melons, bananas and grapes.

2. Nuts

Though nuts are high in calories because of their fat content, they are still considered to be one of the healthiest snacks. Nuts are full of Omega-3 fatty acids, and those acids are necessary for normal body functioning. The best nuts to snack on are walnuts, followed by pecans and almonds. Portion control is especially important if you choose nuts for snacking while on the Change One Diet.

3. Multi-Grain Breads and Baked Chips

Multi-grain breads and baked chips are also good choice for snacks if you decide to follow that diet. Multi-grain bread usually has at least twice the amount of fiber than white bread, which makes it ideal for filling you up. Besides, whole grain bread has more vitamins and microelements, for example, selenium and magnesium. As with nuts, portion control is important when using breads and chips for snacking.

4. Dark Chocolate

Since the Change One Diet does not restrict any foods, dark chocolate is definitely a good choice for a snack for those who have chosen that diet. Health benefits of dark chocolate are many: it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure; it contains serotonin which is responsible for a sense of happiness; it is a strong antioxidant–just be sure to consume dark chocolate in moderation. Chocolate is considered dark if the cocoa content is higher than 65%, and if you are not accustomed to that taste, you need to gradually work your way up – the higher, the better.

If you decide to choose the Change One Diet, you will be provided with detailed plan to follow for 12 weeks, and you will also learn a set of skills to maintain your weight loss. This plan will also give you a lot of delicious recipes, including snacks.


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