Cayenne Pepper and Other Spices for Weight Loss

Cayenne pepper and other spices can play a significant role in weight loss. In fact, cayenne pepper helps to increase your metabolism soon after being consumed due to an ingredient called capsaicin that’s found in it. This active ingredient is also known to help decrease appetite, which when functioning hand in hand with a fast moving metabolism, can dramatically increase the effects of weight loss.

Cayenne pepper also provides additional benefits to consuming it such as reducing or maintaining a healthy blood pressure, increasing sex drive and promoting a healthy digestive system. In addition to using cayenne in your foods on a regular basis, consider incorporating these other beneficial spices into your routine as well.


It’s thought that a teaspoon of cinnamon on a daily basis can help prevent diabetes and also promote the active digestion of carbohydrates, which results in faster weight loss. Cinnamon can be added to cookies, pancakes, cereals, toast and breads to name a few ideas. Cinnamon should never used in very large amounts, because a chemical named coumin that’s found inside this spice is known to cause liver toxicity when ingested in high amounts. Most people would never consume enough cinnamon to trigger this side effect, so it shouldn’t be a huge concern, but being aware of the risk is essential.

Cinnamon plays a double role in weight loss because it’s also known to help boost circulation, which in turn makes workouts more effective and easier to perform. With better circulation, it’s easier to push a workout to the next level. What’s more is the fact that better circulation also means a chance of lower blood pressure and a defense against heart disease. 


Most people purchase curry as a powder or paste, which can both be found at most grocery and health stores. A combination of multiple different spices is what makes up the curry flavor. These spices include cumin, ginger and turmeric, and every one of these is known for its metabolism raising abilities, which makes curry one of the most effective spices when it comes to aiding in weight loss.

Curry can be used in many rice, noodle and vegetable dishes. It’s commonly used with coconut milk to create a creamy texture, but the powder or paste can easily be mixed with rice or noodles to create a quick, tasty dish.

Cayenne pepper, cinnamon and curry can all be used in many different recipes, so it’s easy to incorporate them on a regular basis. The ingredients found in curry can also be used independently in order to maximize flavor in certain dishes while still being able to benefit from the specific spices. For example, cumin can be used on its own in Mexican dishes, where curry wouldn’t be ideal. Ginger is great when used in stir fry meals, and turmeric can be turned into a tasty tea or mixed into casseroles or soups.


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