Cardio Kickboxing: How Many Calories Are Burned?

Are you looking to spice up your workouts and add some creativity and variation to your exercise regimen? Are you looking for an innovative way to burn an immense amount of calories? If so, it’s time to try cardio kickboxing and experience the thrills and fitness benefits of this high-energy aerobics routine.

Cardio Kickboxing 101

In this class, you will kick and punch your way through choreographed cardio segments, while moving to the beat of lively music.  You’ll be surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts, who will motivate you and push you to perform at your highest potential.

There are variations of this routine, such as kickboxing martial arts, which focuses on fighting techniques, distinct combat movements, and form.

Calories Burned

This exhilarating workout simultaneously burns fat and sculpts muscles, getting your body in great shape in a short amount of time.  The calories burned from an hour of cardio kickboxing average between 500-600, and if a class is especially intense, you can burn up to 1000 calories! 

While kickboxing martial arts won’t cause you to sweat as much as the cardio version, it is still a calorie buster and muscle sculptor, burning between 400-500 calories in an hour. Every woman could benefit from martial arts, as it teaches crucial self defense methods.

Other Kickboxing options

If you can’t make it to a gym or organized class, there are several cardio kickboxing videos that bring the excitement and energy into your home.  Even a short video will do the trick, and it is worth it to invest in a cardio kickboxing DVD.

Cardio kickboxing is the perfect exercise to get your heart pumping and interest jumping, and you will surely get a “kick” out of this workout!


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