Cardio Cross Trainer: Easy, Joint-Friendly Weight Loss

If you are looking to invest in a work-out machine that is easy on your body, and yet will get you into shape, take the cardio cross trainer by ProForm into consideration. There are several versions of the cardio cross trainer (and other brand names available as well). It doesn’t matter what version or brand you purchase, the results will be positive when used as part of a regular work-out routine.

What is a Cardio Cross Trainer?

A cardio cross trainer work-out machine is an elliptical exercise machine that is the latest form of cardiovascular equipment. With this machine, you can reach your optimum heart rate while avoiding any risk of injury to your knees. This machine simulates running and gives your body the same results, but without the harshness to your joints. There are other unique features that make the cardio cross trainer the smartest investment in your health.

Choose the Focus for Your Body

When you use the cardio cross trainer elliptical work out machine, you get to choose what part of your body to focus on. The settings can be changed so that you can focus on your upper body one day, your lower body the next day and your entire body whenever you want to. Changing your work-out routine from day to day, or week to week, keeps your body working at its optimum so you can keep losing weight.

Customize Your Work-Out

In addition to being able to choose the parts of your body that you work, you also get to choose the focus of your work-out. For instance, you might choose to focus on weight loss for your routine until you reach a set weight-loss goal. Other times, you can choose aerobic work-outs to improve your cardiovascular system.

Lastly, another option is a performance work-out, which is great for marathon training or any kind of endurance. You can change the incline of the cardio cross trainer for a more intense work-out that raises your heart rate. Most machines also have a controlled resistance feature that adjusts to your body.

Other Features

Depending upon the model and brand of cardio cross training elliptical machine that you choose, there are many bonus features to look for as well. You can find many types under the ProForm brand. Some have a built-in fan for work-outs in comfort. Almost all of the machines have over sized foot pedals and a heart rate monitor. You can find models that keep track of your calories burned and manual user settings so you can create your own work-out.

When shopping for your own cardio cross trainer, keep in mind your current weight so you can find a model that will accommodate you and anyone else using it. You can find models and brands that range in price, anywhere from $250 to over $1000. You might even find one cheaper than that by looking at the second hand sporting goods stores.


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