Can’t Afford A Home Fitness Trainer? 5 Alternatives

Home fitness trainers, such as a treadmill and stair machines, are a big investment that require additional space in your home (that you may not have). If you can’t afford this financial commitment, or don’t have room for a home gym, there are several alternatives to keep fit. 

Alternative #1: Get Outside

Riding a bike, running or walking a hiking trail, or going kayaking can be just as good of a workout as a stationary machine. In addition to the workout, you get to enjoy some fresh air and cross train on different terrain. This will be beneficial in your other workouts throughout the week.

Alternative #2: Join a Class

Local community centers or community colleges have plenty of classes ranging from aerobics to yoga to Pilates. Getting involved in a group setting can be motivational, and you can make new friends in the process. These classes are generally inexpensive for 10 to 12 week courses, and they let you try out different forms of exercise.

Alternative #3: Enlist an Online Trainer

There are many online trainer programs that give you personal attention without the cost of a personal trainer. These trainers can arrange specialized exercise routines for you based on your needs, as well as work with you to develop a nutritional plan that will help you meet your weight loss goals. Most exercises can be done without any, or very little, additional equipment, and there are normally online tutorials to help you with any exercise-related help you need. And unlike a personal trainer, an online personal trainer normally can answer questions any time of the day via email.

Alternative #4: Dance the Night Away

A great way to burn calories and have a cardiovascular workout is to dance. Whatever your taste in dancing, it can be a great way to stay fit and have a great time while doing it. There are many dancing fitness classes available these days, ranging in styles from Latin to African to ballroom dancing. They are all designed to tone your body and invigorate your workout routine. Put on some dancing shoes and enjoy the burn!

Alternative #5: Swim

As the least stressful cross training activity (with zero impact), swimming is a great sport to keep you in shape. It has been shown to be calming and meditative, as well as a great workout. Check your local community pool, colleges, and other schools for lap swim times, and enjoy some peace and quiet while working all your different muscle groups simultaneously.

It is not necessary to buy an expensive fitness trainer to get in shape. Using some creativity and exploring your local community’s resources can provide you with some great alternatives to being stuck indoors. Think about what your interests are, and begin looking for a fitness routine to match them!


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