Candida Diet: What to Expect while Doing a Candida Cleanse

A candida diet is a major step toward better health, as candidiasis, or candida, can interfere with the immune system and other major systems of the body. It’s a long and not always easy journey, however, so the more understanding you have, the better. It’s important to understand how candidiasis works and what is happening during a cleanse, so that you can feel empowered to deal with your symptoms while feeling motivated to stick with the process.

This article will give a brief introduction to candidiasis and discuss common experiences during a cleanse. It will also explore coping skills for these experiences.

An Introduction to Candida

Candida, or candidiasis, occurs when there is an overgrowth of yeast and harmful bacteria in the gut. Bacteria, both good and bad, naturally occurs in the body. If you have candida, this harmful bacteria overtakes the friendly bacteria and throws the body way out of balance. The unfriendly yeast colonizes in the intestines and sends toxins throughout the body. The toxins from the yeast that is living in the gut are what cause the symptoms of candidiasis.

Candida can be caused by taking broad spectrum antibiotics without a follow-up of a high dose of high quality probiotics. Hormones and other substances that kill the friendly bacteria are often at fault. Candida is then perpetuated by eating any type of sugar. The yeast feeds off even healthy carbohydrates, such as fruit and whole grains. 

Symptoms of Candida

Symptoms of a yeast overgrowth vary widely. The symptoms occur in the part of the body that has been subjected to toxins sloughed off from the yeast. This could affect any system and any part of the body. People with candida commonly experience different symptoms that don’t quite make logical sense in terms of any other disease process. Common symptoms include skin problems such as eczema and rashes, muscle aches and weakness, a feeling of fog in the brain or a sense of spaciness or absent-mindedness. Attention problems, excess fatigue, depression and anxiety can often manifest.

Your Diet while Cleansing

While there are medicines that can wipe out candida, the healthiest way to restore balance is through diet and supplements. During the acute cleansing phase, it’s necessary to starve the yeast of all sugar. This means cutting out any white sugar, fructose or any added sugars. It’s also important to limit fruits to whole fruit only and only 2 servings a day. Stick to strawberries and kiwi which, are the lowest in sugar. You also will need to cut way back on carbohydrates and eat only quinoa, buckwheat or amaranth in terms of grains. Raw vegetables and leafy green vegetables, and lean protein with a little unprocessed and raw oil, will be the bulk of your diet.

What to Expect

As you begin to starve and kill the unwanted yeast, it will be expelled into the body before it is flushed out. This can cause many of the symptoms listed above and in even greater intensity. You may actually feel worse during the first few weeks, even for up to 2 months, of the cleanse. But remember, this is a healing response and a sign that your body is restoring balance.


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