Can Weight Gain Affect Your Healthy Hair?

You’ve got healthy hair and you want to keep it that way. Gaining weight can have a number of effects on your healthy hair. If you’re gaining weight, chances are you’re eating more fatty foods than before. Fatty foods are almost always greasy foods. Greasy, fatty or fried foods have been shown to cause greasy hair because these types of foods stimulate the sebaceous to produce the oil called sebum, which protects healthy hair from split ends and dryness.

Sugary Foods

Sugary foods aren’t able to be broken down by the body as readily as other types of foods. This fact can cause weight gain. They also contribute to the creation of sebum, which will make your hair look oily or greasy. Sugar can also cause hormonal imbalances which can cause a multitude of issues with your hair.


Cattle and pigs are usually raised on a diet that includes a variety of growth hormones. Some of these hormones can affect your body adversely and cause imbalances in your hormonal levels. These hormonal imbalances can, as stated above, cause hair problems.

Lack of Proper Vitamin and Mineral Balance

Vitamins B and E are essential for healthy skin and hair. If your skin isn’t exceptionally healthy, then the glands that help keep your hair healthy aren’t going to function properly. If you’re gaining weight because you’re eating things like candy, cakes and sugary snacks, you’re not going to be getting enough of the vitamins and minerals your body needs for healthy skin and hair. A diet lacking in B-vitamins can also promote hair loss at an early age.  Diet lacking in vitamin A will cause skin problems, which will also lead to hair problems. A protein rich diet will also help to ensure healthy hair.

Dairy Products

Dairy cattle are also raised on a diet of hormones which can end up in the dairy products you consume. If you can’t do without your dairy products, make sure you only buy and consume organic or hormone free dairy products to prevent h possible hormone imbalances that cause hair problems.


Stress is insidious. It kills your body from the inside out. It causes digestive problems and ulcers. It disturbs your body’s normal hormonal balances. And, it causes hair loss and can cause your hair to look and feel greasy. If you’re very conscious of your weight, gaining weight will cause stress. This stress will cause greasy hair and possibly hair loss.

Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues may be at the root of your weight gain if you have a healthy diet and are still gaining weight. Another symptom of thyroid problems is dry skin and hair. Your hair may look and feel brittle and have split ends.


Most people gaining fatty weight aren’t drinking enough water. Water helps flush toxins from the body. It also helps ensure that your hair has enough moisture to stay healthy.

Weight gain can affect your healthy hair. These effects can range from greasiness to dryness and hair loss.


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