Can Shiitake Mushrooms Help You Curb Cravings?

Shiitake mushrooms are highly regarded for their health benefits. They have been found to have many antioxidants and they’re an excellent source of iron. They have been used for medicinal purposes in Asia for thousands of years, and they are considered to help boost the immune system of those who eat them on a regular basis.

They have a smoky rich flavor, and they’re a hearty food that can actually help to curb your cravings by keeping you full and satisfied between meals. There are multiple ways you can prepare shiitake mushrooms that will ward off the munchies and help to keep your weight under control, try these recommendations and experiment with some of your own methods!

Mushroom Pasta

Using shiitake mushrooms in pasta for lunch can help you curb cravings throughout the afternoon because you can incorporate a lot of different flavors into the pasta that will lave you satisfied until dinner. With the addition of the mushrooms, the meal will be plenty filling so you won’t feel deprived either.

Start by slicing the mushrooms into small, bite size pieces and add them to a small bowl. Chop and add bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic and spinach to the bowl and mix all the vegetables with a quarter cup of broth. Stir fry the vegetable mixture until the food is tender, and then toss with your favorite cooked pasta.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

You can create a rich, tasty meal using shiitake mushrooms, brown rice and bell peppers as the base ingredients. The mushrooms and rice will stick to your ribs and reduce the chances that you’ll get serious cravings before your next meal. In fact this is such a healthy, low calorie recipe that you can eat the peppers as snacks in order to keep cravings under control.

Simply mix together cooked brown rice, sautéed mushrooms, corn, olives, artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese in a bowl. Then cut the tops of off bell peppers of any color and clean out the seeds until the bell pepper is useable as a bowl. Then stuff the peppers with your mixture and heat in the oven until they’re warm throughout.

Hearty Soup

Because soup is water based, it’s a food you can eat a lot of without having to worry about your waist line as long as you make it yourself without added oils and fats. A great way to liven up any soup is to add shiitake mushrooms, as they’ll help fill you up and they provide a nice texture.

Create a homemade soup by boiling your favorite vegetables in about 12 cups of water for an hour and then straining it into a big pot. Add any kinds of vegetables you like such as carrots, celery, greens, corn, artichokes, olives, peppers, peas and cauliflower. Consider adding beans, potatoes or rice to make the soup extra filling and then finally add a couple cups of chopped shiitake mushrooms to the soup. Before letting the soup simmer until its ready, don’t forget to add spices you enjoy. Some good options are salt, pepper, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne, red pepper flakes, coriander, basil, garlic and oregano.


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