Can Shape Ups Help You Lose Weight?

Shape Ups are a new line of shoes from Skechers. According to the company website, Shape Ups will help your body in many different ways, including posture, stronger muscles in your legs, buttocks and abdominal regions, and increased circulation. Shape Ups have a few design features which independent laboratory testing has shown to be incredibly beneficial to anyone’s exercise and training routines.

Special Design Features

Skechers has designed Shape Ups with a number of special features that are credited with causing beneficial results to people looking to shape up or lose weight. Shape Ups have a unique dynamic rolling bottom, a soft foam insert and a dual density midsole that are, in combination, credited with the extremely healthy benefits claimed by Skechers. The special dynamic rolling bottom causes the muscles in your legs, buttocks and abdominal regions to work harder in constantly finding a balance point while walking. This action is where most of the positive test results have been shown to come from.

Loss of Body Fat and Weight Loss

There are four controlled lab tests that are cited as proving that Shape Ups from Skechers will help make you healthier and lose weight. According to two of the tests, participants that were wearing Shape Ups lost an average of three pounds, versus less than one pound in the control group that wore regular athletic shoes. In one test, those that were wearing Shape Ups lost an average of one and one eighth percent of body fat, while in another test, participants wearing Shape Ups lost an average of one and a third percent of body fat. The control groups in both of these tests lost right around one half of one percent of body fat.

Test Results Show Increased Muscle Usage

Two of the laboratory tests were meant to show increased usage of the gluteal, abdominal, lower back and leg muscles. According to these tests, the unbalanced construction of these shoes shows a marked increase in usage of these four muscle groups, as tested with a device called an electromyogram. Test subjects were told to maintain proper posture while walking at a variety of walking speeds. In both tests, the participants showed an increase of almost 100 percent in muscle usage for every muscle group tested. This increased muscle usage will cause an increase in muscle tone and endurance in all four muscle groups. This increased endurance and muscle tone means you will be able to exercise that much longer and with that much more intensity, both of which mean you will lose more weight while exercising and wearing these shoes. This increased muscle usage is what is responsible for the fat and weight loss seen by the test groups.

The test groups wearing Shape Ups by Skechers increased their overall aerobic conditioning and muscle strength, while showing a marked loss of body fat and weight.


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