Can Seaweed Weight Loss Work for You?

Seaweed weight loss is aided by fucoxanthin, an ingredient of seaweed that expedites fat burning. Since seaweed can help you in your weight loss program, you can add dried seaweed to your food or take it in the form of tablets.


Seaweed is a marine algae that belongs to a category of useful plants that thrive in saltwater. It is a simple organism and has no carbohydrates and very few calories. However, it is rich in minerals such as calcium, chromium, magnesium and iodine. The alginate in seaweeds is a fibrous material that reduces the absorption of fat by the body. Seaweed is also rich in fucoxanthin. It’s therefore considered effective in controlling obesity in humans.

Seaweed and Weight Loss

People who suffer from hypothyroidism are prone to weight gain. Hypothyroidism occurs due to a deficiency of iodine in such patients. If people with hypothyroidism eat seaweed, the iodine that’s present in seaweed is absorbed by the body. This increases iodine consumption and stimulates the thyroid gland. People with thyroid problems can thus lose weight if they choose to consume seaweed regularly.


Seaweed is also rich in fiber. The consumption of fiber makes you feel sated and stops you from consuming more food. The fucoxanthin that’s present in seaweed promotes the burning of fat in your body. One advantage of consuming fucoxanthin is that it helps you to burn abdominal fat. Fat located in the abdominal area is linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disorders. Loss of abdominal fat can therefore help you if you’re a diabetic or if you have cardiac problems.

Fat Absorption

Since seaweed is rich in alginate, absorption of fat by the body is reduced. This can also help you control your weight problems. This particular algae has no fat and is low in calories. The carbohydrates present in seaweed are complex carbs that break down slowly. As a result, it takes longer to digest the food and you don’t feel hunger pangs for a long time after you’ve finished eating your meal.

The Benefits of Seaweed

Unlike other diets, where loss of weight is accompanied by a feeling of malaise and low energy, a diet rich in seaweed keeps you energetic. Your hair remains shiny and your skin continues to glow. Other constituents of seaweed like minerals and vitamins also meet the nutritional requirements of your body. Opting for a diet rich in seaweed can help you become healthier and slimmer. When you go on other diets and lose weight, your skin tends to hang in folds. But since seaweed keeps the skin elastic, the skin doesn’t sag with the loss of layers of fat.

People in the Far East have less obesity related problems and this can be attributed to their consumption of seaweed, their lifestyle and their dietary habits. You should include seaweed in your diet but if you don’t like the taste, consider buying supplements available in the tablet or capsule form in order to lose weight and become healthier.


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