Can Magnesium Supplements Be Mixed with Diet Pills?

Magnesium is an important element to your health. It is required by many of your body’s systems in order to properly function and to create the necessary hormones and chemicals that you need for a wide variety of different tasks and functions. Because many people do not receive adequate magnesium through the foods that they eat, however, it’s a good idea to consider the possibility of taking magnesium supplements.

When mixing any type of supplement with a diet pill, it’s important that you speak witha medical professional for expert advice. Certain diet pills will limit the way in which your body can absorb particular supplements and nutrients. If you happen to be taking a pill that does this, you’ll run the risk of developing health concerns. Read on for some of the concerns that you should have before you take a magnesium supplement and a set of diet pills concurrently.

Risk of Using Magnesium Supplements with Diet Pills

Certain diet pills may cause your body to not be able to absorb certain nutrients in the proper way. This is a function of the pill itself and is designed to help you slough off the nutrients that you’d otherwise need in an effort to gain weight. While the ultimately healthiness of this tactic of weight loss is certainly up for debate, it is no question that these types of diet pills may make it impossible for your body to adequately absorb the magnesium from certain magnesium supplements in this situations.

If this is the case, you may find that taking a magnesium supplement can lead to certain gastric difficulties or bowel problems. You may not gain the benefits of the magnesium that you were intending to take, and might need to continue to supplement your diet with foods that are rich in magnesium in order to adequately bolster the levels of this particular mineral in your skin. Because many people assume the supplement that they are taking is effective, they oftentimes neglect to eat magnesium-rich foods. If your body is not able to adequately process the magnesium supplement and you stop eating foods with magnesium in them, you’ll find that you may have a host of problems that are associated with low levels of magnesium all of a sudden.

Other Considerations

It’s important to keep in mind certain other things too. Occasionally, diet pills will directly react to magnesium supplements or other types of vitamin supplements. Be sure to read the warning label for the diet pills for any signs of contraindications. Contraindications are warning signs that protect you against potential adverse reactions that may occur if you take multiple supplements or medications a tthe same time. If your diet pills indicate that you should not take any other vitamin supplements or that you shouldn’t take magnesium in particular, it’s best to avoid magnesium supplements of this kind while you’re on the course of the vitamin pill program. For more information, speak with your doctor.


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