Can Lip Gloss Block Your Cravings?

Lip gloss is something that can be both fun and tasty, but don’t taste too much, as many ingredients in lip glosses (including the flavored kind) aren’t good for you. Many people wonder if the fun smells and tastes of lip glosses may, in fact, help block cravings that all too many dieters face.

Thin Lip Glosses and Hoodia

There were some lip glosses that were marketed to women that contained Hoodia. The advertisements even went so far as to say it had uplifting qualities that will magically lift your spirits. Avoid falling for false claims and be suspicious of advertisements that seem hand-picked from the exaggeration hall of fame. If it sounds too good to be true, it typically is, especially in a lip gloss. It may help your lips feel great, lather them with moisture and bring a sexy color to them, but your lip gloss is not going to overtake your willpower and food issues to make you thin overnight.

In fact, Pfizer started development of a Hoodia-based drug, tried it out, determined it did nothing, and gave over the development rights to a different company; if a major drug company has such little faith in it, you can typically be assured it has no medicinal properties to help you block cravings. Even if Hoodia supplement would work raw, when placing it in a lip gloss, it’s cut with so many other ingredients, most of the lip glosses actually had no Hoodia in them. Stay away from gimmick-polluted advertisements for such lip glosses; instead, opt for lip glosses in the shade and quality you prefer. That will better help you stave off cravings than being taken advantage of by falling for false claims from cosmetics companies.

How You Can Use Lip Gloss to Lose Weight

When you’re busy with things that make you happy, you tend to think about food less. You won’t have as many cravings if you’re enjoying simple pleasures and not focusing on the immediate desires of your taste buds. Therefore, indulging in makeovers, trying different lip glosses and adding more lip glosses to your collection may help you stave off cravings. If you’re wearing a new shade of lip gloss that makes you feel very confident, you may feel inspired to try other things, stay out more doing activities and overall not feel depressed or the need to emotionally overeat. That can help stave off cravings that are created from emotional eating.

Lip Gloss Flavors

There are lip gloss offerings that come in many different flavors, from soda pop to peanut butter cups. However, this doesn’t mean that you can reapply it and smack your lips all day. There are calories in most things that are consumed, sans water, and your lip gloss ingredients can be worse for you altogether than simply eating a peanut butter cup itself. You may opt for these flavored, scented lip glosses to stave off cravings if just the smell of them is enough to help you resist, but it has the opposite effect on most dieters. It makes them crave the food that inspired their lip gloss. Stick to more neutral smells and flavors, if you want to be confident in your lip gloss and also withstand cravings.


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