Can Getting Divorced Affect Your Health?

If you are newly divorced you want to stay as healthy as possible. The process and fallout can affect many areas of your life. Take care of your total well being, which includes the mental, physical, and spiritual.

Stress can be deadly. Many people find the process of a divorce and reclaiming their autonomy difficult. Even in divorces where drama is low, there are still adjustments to be made. Sometimes it is so stressful that people may find themselves at risk for heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers.  

Self Care

Ending a marriage is life changing and may not be what we want, or it may not be at an optimal time. This is the time to invest in self care. Taking time to eat balanced meals helps. If this is just not working with your daily routine, get in as many healthy nutrients as possible and remember to drink plenty of water. Sometimes we overeat due to emotional stress to deal with the pain. Other times, we can barely stomach the idea of food. Neither of these is ideal as our bodies need nourishment. Taking the time to eat will help keep you healthy.

Know When to Rest

Our lives don’t stop just because a relationship ends. You may be burning candles at both ends to stay busy in an effort to numb up. Crying through the night and adjusting to single parenting take a toll. Adjustments have to be made, but sleep deprivation should not be a long term answer. Simply put, we function better when we rest.

Dealing with Depression

It is not unlikely to experience times of deep sadness when we end a relationship. Crying and mood swings come with loss as we grieve our former marital union. However, if you feel that you can no longer function or focus as needed, you may be depressed. This isn’t uncommon, and there is help. A doctor can prescribe a low dose anti-depressant which may improve depression.

Seek Support

Finding a support network as you process your divorce and your feelings can be invaluable. Support can help you work through your emotions and find footing in being newly single. Seek out people you trust from friends, family, a spiritual circle or a support group. Counselors and therapists also help with depression and provide empowerment and coping tools.

Keep It Moving

Exercise helps combat stress and aids in overall health. Moving your body daily even for brisk walks is positive movement. This keeps the blood flowing and the heart pumping.  

Drug and Alcohol Use

People who don’t drink extensively or drug ever, sometimes find themselves medicating to cope with the emotional pain. Substance abuse is a sure way to impede good health. Again, if you need to talk to someone, do so. Abusing substances does not promote good health.

Healthy after Divorce

Choosing to be as healthy as possible means listening to our bodies, and seeking help as needed.


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