Can Diets Win over Obesity Genes?

Though many people think that what is written in your genetic code is exactly how you will be for your entire life, you can beat obesity genes with proper diet. Combining it with exercise will increase the benefits, though just the simple action of sticking to a healthy diet will show results.

The FTO Gene

One of the most well known obesity causing genes is the FTO gene. In fact, it is linked to obesity so famously that it is known as the obesity gene. People who have this gene tend to eat more, because their appetites cannot be satisfied with any less. An obvious result of this is gaining excess amounts of fat. Though having this gene does increase your risks of obesity, it does not have to mean that it is inevitable. In some cases, those with this high-risk gene can resist temptation by altering their lifestyle and adhering to a well balanced, healthy diet.

Useful Facts about Food

Certain foods are known as energy-dense foods. This means that they’re made of more calories in each bite than most diet foods. Cheese is an example of this type of food, as are nuts. These are good for children because they give them the energy they need to run around and play all day, but adults also eat the same amount of these foods, though they no longer need as much energy.
When looking at a diet filled with energy-dense foods, you will see an increase in the risk of obesity in adults. When children are faced with eating these same foods, it has been proven that they simply eat less in their next meal. The older children get, the more like an adult they become, and though they continue to eat the energy-dense foods, they no longer feel the need to eat less during their next meal. Children can beat the chance of having the obesity gene if they are given less energy-dense foods.

Diet Tips

There are many small things that can make a big difference when it comes to dieting. It isn’t as hard as it seems; it’s as simple as adding one healthy thing to your diet or getting rid of one unhealthy thing or both. Remember, the more colors of the rainbow you ingest in natural foods like fruits and vegetables, the more vitamins and balanced nutrients you will digest. Eating breakfast in the morning reduces the risk of obesity. Find something healthy to eat like fresh fruit, whole grain cereal, low-fat milk and oatmeal.
Though you may have previously thought that those with the obesity genes are completely helpless against the fate of their figure, a simple change of diet can greatly impact the ability to lose weight and keep it off of individuals who harbor those genes. Though it may be hard with all the commercials for fatty foods and the constant reminder that there are many easy ways to get junk food, it’s not as hard as it looks to keep a well balanced diet. You can always treat yourself to sweet things that taste good and are good for you.

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