Can Diet Supplements Affect Hair Texture?

For many women, hair texture is a constant struggle to maintain. The texture of your hair can influence not only the feeling of the hair, but also the overall appearance. When concerned with the appearance and texture of your own hair, be mindful of the fact that the quality of your hair is largely dependent upon you receiving an adequate mixture of different types of vitamins and other nutrients.

Diet supplements can affect hair texture. Taken properly and regularly, many supplements can help to improve dry, damaged, oily or otherwise less-than-ideal hair. Similarly, however, a diet that is lacking in some of the essential nutrients that your body needs will typically lead to hair that does not have the same lustre and appearance as it could otherwise. By maintaining a healthy diet, through the foods you eat and through diet supplements as necessary, you can exert control over the overall appearance of your hair.

Amino Acids

Some of the most important amino acids, methionine and cysteine, are crucial to the development of the external portion of each individual hair. These amino acids contain sulfur, which is passed throughout the body and used to produce the outer layer of each individual follicle of hair. Without the proper levels of these amino acids in your body, you will have to sacrifice the sulfur that is used in this function in order to put it to use in more crucial parts of the body; the result is that the quality of the hair is diminished. These amino acids are found in eggs and dairy products, as well as diet supplements.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is crucial to the healthful appearance of skin and hair alike. This vitamin is located in a wide variety of different fruits, vegetables and other foods. It’s likely that a diet that is balanced between all of the food groups will contain a healthy amount of vitamin E anyway, but most multivitamins and other diet supplement salso include vitamin E. Be careful not to exceed the daily recommended dose of vitamin E, however, as this vitamin is fat soluble only, meaning that it can build up without your body being able to adequately process it.

Other Minerals and Nutrients

There are some nutrients that are crucial to your hair that are generally not found in diet supplements. For these, you’ll have to rely solely on the foods that you eat in order to provide you with adequate nutrition to support the texture and appearance of your hair. Specifically, you’ll need healthy carbohydrates and protein in order to maintain good-looking hair. Protein should come from meat sources or nuts that are rich in protein. Carbohydrates should be complex and long lasting, like pasta, grains, breads and other non-sugar or non-processed foods. Ask your doctor or a nutritionist for more information about diet supplements and how they work.


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