Can Diet Green Tea Be Substituted for Water?

Diet green tea is a useful substance for providing you with hydration, while also giving you antioxidants and a number of other nutrients. Diet versions of green tea are low in calories and contain virtually no fat or other harmful contents. This leads many people to wonder whether it might be better to drink diet green tea exclusively instead of water.

Why Water Is Necessary

Your body is composed primarily of water. While green tea and diet green tea are based on water, they may prevent your body from adequately being able to absorb the water that is in them. You are not therefore being properly hydrated when you drink only diet green tea. For this reason, among others, it’s necessary that you drink some water as well if you plan to drink a huge quantity of green tea.

Other Issues

Diet green tea still does contain some calories. It is also charged with caffeine and other ingredients that may influence your system. To drink so much might make your body reliant upon the dose of caffeine in order to function properly. It’s best to limit the caffeine that you bring into your body, and only drinking diet green tea instead of water is not a good way of doing that.

Diet green tea will also contribute to a caloric gain. While diet teas are low in calories, they will still add to your total calorie intake. This is as opposed to water, which contains no calories whatsoever. In this sense, water is better for you than diet green tea.


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