Can Cancer Be Caused By Eating Meat?

It is now a proven fact that cancer meat, meat obtained from animals suffering from cancer, if consumed by humans will transmit the cancer into the human body.  

Experiments have shown that female mice with breast cancer will pass on cancerous cells and cause cancer in the infant mice they suckle. In another experiment, human cancer cells injected into animals, developed cancer in the animal. From these examples, we can infer that if the meat we consume comes from animals already having cancer, there is a high probability of us contracting the disease too.

How Meat Can Harm Us

If we only consume processed meat, or organic meat, and if all animals are checked for cancer before their meat gets to the market, is the meat still harmful? Can cancer be caused by eating meat?

Research answers with a huge yes! So, let us look at some facts:

  • Meat consumption can cause rectal cancer or piles because it lacks fiber.
  • Meat contains large quantities of urokinase protein and urea, and every pound of steak contains approximately fourteen grams of urokinase protein.  Liquid urokinase protein can lead to the degeneration of the metabolic function of cells.  Urokinase protein and urea make the kidney work overtime and can destroy the kidney’s functioning.
  • Roasted, well done, and char meat break down the amino acid and create heterocyclic amines (HAs). HAs are carcinogenic and are linked to cancer. When mice were given this chemical, they developed cancers, which included bone tumors, cancer of the stomach, and cancer of the blood.

The Digestion of Meats

Vegetarians and herbivorous animals have large and small intestines of 8.5 meters. This is much longer than those found in meat eating animals.  The meat consumed by a human enters the small intestines and spends an appreciable time there. In the small intestines, it putrefies and creates toxins. These toxins are considered a cause of colon cancer. The toxins increase stress on the liver, which performs the task of removing toxins from the human body.  A stressed liver can lead to cancer of the liver.

Vegetarian Vs Meat Eating

It has been proven that eating of meat and other animal source foods can cause heart disorders, colon cancer, breast cancer, and even strokes. But a low fat vegetarian diet can prevent various diseases, such as prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Daily Protein Requirement

Meat is a huge source of protein. If you cut down on meat consumption, how you will meet your daily protein requirement?  According to the WHO, we need 4.5% of our calories to come from proteins. However, other sources food carry protein such as eggs, beans, rice, wheat, and soy products.

While there is more harm to eating meat than there are advantages, eating meat in extreme moderation is acceptable and will provide our body with needed protein and iron.  To reduce the risk of developing cancer, limit your red meat intake, and develop habbits of a vegetarian diet. 


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