Can A No Sugar Diet Be Potentially Dangerous?

One question that comes up again and again in conversations related to health is ‘Can a no sugar diet be potentially dangerous?’  We know that a no salt diet can be dangerous, but is it the same for sugar?  Here are some arguments that might help you make a decision.

In our daily intake of food, we consume sugar in various forms.  Through the portions of milk, fruits, dessert, vegetables, cereals, etc. that we eat, we either consume natural sugar or added sugar.

Why Excess Sugar is Harmful

Medical research all across the world has proven that sugar can be the cause of over 2 dozen diseases – from weakening of eyesight to an increase in the size of the liver.  Above all, it is poison for those suffering from diabetes mellitus, a condition that causes an increase in blood sugar concentration due to insulin deficiency.

A very common result of high sugar intake is an increase in weight. Obesity can lead to various health problems which are not directly related to consuming sugar. But should we adhere to a diet completely free of sugar?

The Risk of a No Sugar Diet

If a person suffering from diabetes mellitus follows a no sugar diet, the levels of sugar in the blood can dip to dangerously low levels.  Such a person is said to be Hypoglycemic.  In such a case, only the intake of sugar will remedy the problem.

A Little Sugar is Beneficial

For individuals who are not suffering from a blood sugar condition, many of the foods we eat (for example fruits, vegetables, and cereals) contain sugar in some form or the other.  Potatoes and rice contain starch which converts to sugar and gives our body energy to function.  Even if we do not consume the refined sugar that we buy from the market, our body will get sufficient sugar from the foods we consume.

Even if we remove refined sugar, we must not complete remove sugar-providing foods from our diet.  This is because removing such foods will also be removing the vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates that we get from these foods.


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