Calories & Weight: Myth vs. Fact

If you have ever struggled with counting calories, weight management, or maintaining a healthy diet, it’s best that you separate the myths from the facts to make the most of your efforts. 

Myth:  There is no way to lower a high Body Mass Index (BMI) and it doesn’t matter anyway. 

Fact:  Your BMI is based on your body height and weight, with a healthy BMI being between 18.5-24.9.  Having a healthy BMI is absolutely important.  If your BMI is higher than it should be, your risk of certain health issues is increased. 

You can lower your BMI by increasing your physical activity and lowering your caloric intake.

Myth:  Calorie intake doesn’t matter if you work out a lot.

Fact:  While working out is certainly a benefit to your body and overall health, calorie intake is just as important.  If you ingest more calories than your body burns, this eventually starts to turn into weight gain.  Also, if you are ingesting empty calories instead of nutritious calories, this will negatively affect your overall health.

Myth:  Someone who is at their ideal weight shouldn’t worry about counting calories or exercising.

Fact:  As you age, your body naturally starts to metabolize differently. If you continue to eat at the same rate, while expending any energy on exercise, you will start to gain weight. Also, exercise provides endless benefits that you want to take advantage of, even if you don’t need to lose weight. Calorie awareness and some form of exercise are always vital!

Myth:  If a food is low in calories, it must be nutritious.

Fact:  Just because a food has a low calorie count does not mean it is healthy or nutritious.  There are many foods that are low calorie, but have little to no nutritional value, and therefore do not contribute to your overall well-being.  Every calorie you intake should benefit your body.

Myth:  Drinking green tea will raise metabolism, so exercise won’t be necessary.

Fact:  Some form of exercise is best for your body.  Exercise has many more benefits than simply raising metabolism.  Exercise creates muscle and lowers fat.  Exercise increases energy levels in a good way and promotes healthy sleep at night.

Drinking green tea certainly has benefits of its own, but should not be used in place of exercise.

Myth:  Counting calories doesn’t work.

Fact:  Calorie tracking has been shown to be an effective weight loss tool.  It is important to become aware of what you are consuming each day, compared to what you are burning.  This awareness is vital in any long term weight management program. 

Learn the difference between the above myths and facts, and get started on a healthy path today!


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