Calisthenics That Target Your Butt

When performing calisthenics, many of the maneuvers target the glutes…certainly an area that most women would like to tone. Adding some of these particular moves to your weight training routine will help sculpt a celebrity-worthy bootie in no time.

Calisthenics are intended to keep the heart rate up, burning fat and calories quickly, but these equipment-free, body weight exerceises can also be quality toners as well. As most fitness experts will note, keeping the intensity up by moving from exercise to exercise in a circuit provides the most total body benefit possible…even better than time spent on the treadmill or stairmaster!  The added plus is that, because you completely switch up the moves every 30 seconds to 1 minute, getting bored is a thing of the past.

But lets face it, we all have those problem areas. That’s why calisthenics are a great option when you are trying to lose bootie fat, but GAIN bootie lift and muscle tone.  We’ve all heard that spot toning doesn’t work, so don’t think of this as spot toning; you are burning TOTAL body fat while you work, however you are just focusing the exercises on your backside.

Booting Blasting Calisthenic Exercises

After warming up, choose calisthenic exercises, like the ones suggested below, that put the most focus on your butt, and alternate those with jumping jacks, or more “total body” exercises in place of rest time, to keep your heart rate soaring and the butter burning. Complete these exercises in a circuit. In other words, complete the suggested number of reps, then move on to the next exercise, instead of the weight lifting idea of completing 3 sets before moving on.

After you perform each exercise, complete 20 jumping jacks or mountain climbers, then complete the next. Rest for 30 seconds after your circuit, then repeat at least twice. With each exercise, if you can’t complete the suggested number of reps, do as many as you can and add 2 additional reps each week.

1. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps do what squats do, but give the added thigh blasting power of plyometric jumps. Squat down, but instead of standing straight up, jump up, extending arms overhead, as though you were blocking a basketball shot or volleyball.

2. Single Leg Squats

These squats force each leg (and each butt cheek) to take control, and not rely on the “strong” leg for assistance. Sit down on a bench that is a few inches lower than knee height. Lift one leg and push up. Keep the leg up for the entire exercise, but continue sitting and standing. Try not to relax into the sit portion, just pop right back up to keep the glute contracted. Complete 20 reps on each side.

3. Side shuffles

Side shuffles are a hard core bootie burner. Get low in a side lunge, with your butt low, in line with your hips. Lean to the left before, pushing off with your left foot, meeting the left foot with the right foot, shifting weight to the right foot and leaning into a right lunge. Touch the floor with your finger tips before pushing back the other way. Complete the move quickly, maintaining an athletic position the entire time. It should look a bit like a basketball side running drill, just back and forth. Touch the floor 20 times, or ten on each side, and feel it in the side of your butt the ENTIRE time.

4. Split lunges

Get into a lunge, but place one foot on the bench, so your front leg is wide in front. Squat or lunge down, concentrating on the push through your butt. Complete 20 lunges, then switch legs.

You can incorporate this routine into your workout regime at least twice a week on non-consecutive days in addition to your current workout, or replace some of your cardio with this calorie torcher. Now get ready for some whistles on the street!


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