Cable Machine Exercises: Single Arm Reverse Cable Fly

Exercises performed on a cable machine, like the single arm reverse cable fly, give the muscles constant resistance. This resistance allows you to feel the burn with each movement, increasing the strength and tone of your upper body. 

Cable Machines

Cable machines are common pieces of equipment that you can find at just about any fitness club. They are predominantly used for weight training workouts. The cable machine consists of a combination of steel bars, cables, pulleys, and handles. Usually, weights are stacked on each end of the cable machine. You can adjust the weights to fit your comfort and strength level. You can also adjust the handles to fit your height. The best part of cable machines are that they are easy to use, and multifunctional.

How to Perform the Single Arm Reverse Cable Fly 

First, you should make sure that a single cable, equipped with a single handle grip, is attached to the cable machine. Now, extend your right arm forward so that your palm is facing the cable machine. Make sure that your arm is at shoulder level. This is your starting position. Now move your right arm outward, away from the cable machine, in a quick but controlled manner. Your movement should be at an angle that enables you to keep your arm at shoulder level. Once you’ve extended your arm outward, move it back in towards the cable machine in exactly the same way. Repeat these motions about 10-15 times. 

Adding Intensity

Start out by using lighter weights. Since this is an isolation exercise, you want to focus on a slow and controlled burn. If the weights are too heavy for you to control, then you need to start lighter. Once you find the level of resistance that is comfortable for you, begin to add resistance. Try to add to your weights every one to two weeks. Increasing your resistance level at a slow and steady pace allows you to challenge yourself, and see and appreciate your progress. 

Safety Precautions

It is important to keep your abs tight and your spine in a neutral position to help protect your lower back. Keeping your shoulders and hips squared aids in balance and correct performance. Another tip to keep your balance and stability is to always pull slowly, and don’t grip the handle too tightly–keep a firm but not tight grip. To take the stress off of your shoulder joints and direct the pressure to your target muscles, make sure that you always keep a slight bend in your elbows. 

Benefits of the Single Arm Reverse Cable Fly

The single arm reverse cable fly is a great exercise if you’re looking to focus on your upper body strength. It simultaneously isolates your shoulders, back, and arms in a cohesive movement, which really works those upper body muscles. Because the cable machine offers consistent resistance with each movement, it is a bit more challenging than using free weights. As a result, if used properly and consistently, you will see results more quickly than you would with free weights.

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