Cable Machine Exercises: Single Arm Cable Tricep Extension

Doing a single arm cable tricep extension requires using a cable machine. A cable machine is used to work out your arm, back and chest muscles. This exercise equipment is great for building the muscles in your triceps. Before you learn how to do a tricep extension using a cable machine, you first need to know why you need it.

The arm muscles are the hardest to tone. As you age, the skin on your triceps tends to sag or become loose. You may have what is called flabby arms. It affects both men and women. If you don’t work out this part of your arm, the problem may worsen.

The Exercise

You need to have a reliable and sturdy cable machine. Begin the exercise by standing in front of the equipment with your knees slightly bent. Take a hold of the cable handle with one of your hands. Bring your hand down to chin level and make sure your elbow is against your side. Slowly extend your arm down. You should not straightened out your arm completely or lock your elbow. There should be some tension in your triceps as well. Bring your arm back up into the starting position and repeat the move with the other arm.


Before you complete any exercise, you need to have safety in mind. When you do any type of standing exercise that requires using weights, you need to have your legs slightly bent at the knees. This protects you from back injury and strain. When doing arm exercises, keep the arm you’re using at your side and never put pressure on your elbow. It’s easy to strain or injure a muscle and joint as you exert force to complete the move. This also allows you to have better control of the cable.

The last safety measure requires using the correct weights. Never lift or attempt to use a weight that is too heavy. Only lift a weight that is comfortable for you.

Most injuries occur in arm exercises due to carelessness or improper technique. Be sure to follow directions when using any weights or cable machines. You should also stop the exercise if you feel pain or discomfort in any part of your arm and body.

Muscles Worked Out

A tricep is the large muscle in the back of your arm. This muscle plays an important role in your arm’s movement by extending it. The tricep is easily torn, damaged or injured if you’re not careful. Without the entire use of a tricep, you could not lift or reach out your arm.


The benefits of using a cable machine to do tricep extensions are fantastic. You gradually strengthen and sculpt your tricep muscles. You also develop well-toned arms that look great in tank tops and short-sleeved dresses.

Adding More Challenges

A good way to challenge your triceps is by slowing down the extensions. This allows you to intensify the move. You can also hold the move longer before releasing the tension. Do this by counting to 5 and then bringing your arm back into position.


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