Cable Machine Exercises: Single Arm Cable Squat Row

The single arm cable squat row is a great total body exercise that incorporates the use of a cable machine. Cable machines can now be found easily in almost every gym. If you have difficulty moving the arms of the cable machine, be sure to ask a personal trainer or one of the gym employees for help in the matter. Failing to move the arms properly can result in serious injury to both you and the cable machine.

About the Single Arm Cable Squat Row

The single arm cable squat row is a strength training exercise that is designed to increase muscle mass in the quadriceps, biceps and muscles of the upper back. This exercise can not only be effective in achieving an increase in muscular strength and tone, but can also provide some stability to the joints of the shoulder. This makes it a great exercise for you if you have recently dislocated your shoulder or suffered another serious injury to this area of your body.

Positioning the Cable Machine Properly

This exercise is performed on a cable machine, which is a piece of exercise equipment consisting of two large “arms,” which can be rotated to different heights. These arms are connected to a series of cable weights. Before performing the single arm cable squat row, you must first position the cable machine properly.

Start by pulling out the lever that holds on the cable arms in place. This can typically be found at the base of the cable arm. Rotate the arm so that it is dropped to a height similar to that of your waist. Place the pin holding the arm in position back in place and repeat the process with the other arm, making sure both are secured at the same height.

Performing the Single Arm Cable Squat Row

Now that the cable machine is set up properly, you can begin to perform the exercise. Stand facing the cable machine, and grab onto one of the handles of the arms of the machine with each hand. Step back, so the cables between the machine and your hands are taut. Make sure your feet are planted beneath your hips. Carefully lower your buttocks towards the ground, bringing yourself into a squatting position, until your knees are bent to a 90 degree angle. Keep your arms extended out in front of your body.

Rotate your palms so that they are facing each other. Exhale deeply, and as you do so, pull your right elbow in towards your body, alongside your ribcage. When you can bring the elbow back no further, inhale, and release the arm back to its original position. Now, repeat the process with your left arm. Continue this until you have performed 10 repetitions with each arm. Take a short break, and do another set of 10 repetitions of the single arm cable squat row with each arm.


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