Cable Machine Exercises: Reverse Lunge with High Cable Row

Lunge exercises are excellent for working a multitude of muscle groups. Using your cable machine, you can perform a number of different lunge exercises that will give both muscular and aerobic benefits. One is called the reverse lunge with high row.

Targeted Muscle Groups

Done properly, this exercise will give a good workout to almost every muscle group in your body. The main groups worked will be your traps, delts and lats in the back, your biceps and triceps in your arms, upper and lower abdominals, hamstrings and quads in your legs and your glutes. Your pectorals will also receive some benefit from this exercise.

Step 1: Setup and Starting Position

Set your exercise machine up so that both pulleys are just below shoulder height. Ideally, this position will be at the height of your pectoral muscles. Stand facing the exercise machine with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms grasping the handles straight in front of you. You should have full tension on the cables, with the weights about an inch off the stacks.

Step 2: Reverse Lunge and Row

The reverse lunge is a giant step back with one leg and then a controlled drop to that knee. As you drop into the reverse lunge, pull your arms straight back until they meet your chest with elbows high. Keep your arms parallel to the floor during the row.

Step 3: Return to Starting Position

Come back up off your knee and bring your back foot up to the front foot as you straighten your arms back out, without locking your elbows.

Step 4: Reverse Lunge and Row-Other Leg

Using the leg that stayed stationary in step two, take a large step back. As you come backwards with that leg, come down to the knee and pull back on the cable handles again until your hands are once again touching your chest. Again, keep your arms parallel to the floor.

Step 5: Return

The final step of a single rep of this exercise is to return to the starting position with your feet aligned, shoulder width apart and your arms outstretched. This is one rep. A workout will normally consist of 10 sets of 10 reps each. There should be a short break of no more than one minute between sets.


Warming up and stretching is vital to prevent injury. A proper cool down and stretching after the workout ensures optimal flexibility of the joints and elasticity of the muscles. This allows any damage incurred during the workout to heal easier and faster.

Increased Intensity

To increase the intensity of this workout you can add weight equally to both arms. You can also increase the number of sets and the number of reps in each set. To add an aerobic benefit, perform the exercise quickly and shorten the breaks between sets.

This is classified as a beginner level exercise. Check with your physician prior to beginning any strenuous exercise regimen.


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