Cable Machine Exercises: Rear Glute Extension

The rear glute extension is an exercise that requires the use of a cable machine. This piece of exercise equipment can be typically found in most local gyms. Make sure that the cable machine you are using has removable handlebars and attachable ankle straps in order to achieve optimal results while performing the exercise.

About the Rear Glute Extension

The rear glute extension is as exercise used to strengthen and tone the muscles of the gluteus, as well as the hamstring muscles. Increasing muscle tone in these muscles helps to increase your metabolic rate, and therefore can be a great exercise for individuals who are interested in weight loss or simply maintaining their current weight. In addition, strengthening these muscles helps to stabilize the hip and pelvis, making it a great choice if you have recently suffered an injury to this part of your body.

Preparing for the Rear Glute Extension

To perform this exercise properly, you will need to adjust the cable machine. If you have never worked with a cable machine before, you may want to consider consulting with a gym employee or personal trainer in order to ensure that you are following correct procedures. To move the arms of the cable machine, pull the pin that holds the arm in place, and swivel the arm until it is pointing towards the ground. Put the pin of the arm of the cable machine into the appropriate hole in order to hold the arm in place. Finally, remove the handles of the cable machine, and replace them with wrist/ankle straps.

Performing the Rear Glute Extension

To perform the rear glute extension, start by wrapping the strap around your right ankle. Stand tall, with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Exhale deeply, and use the glute and hamstring muscles to lift your foot off the ground, and extend it behind your body. Inhale your breath, and slowly bring your leg back to the starting position. Do another nine repetitions of the exercise, and rest. Remove the ankle strap, and put it on your left ankle. Do a set of ten repetitions of the rear glute extension. Do one more set of ten repetitions of the exercise with both legs in order to ensure best results. 

Intensifying the Rear Glute Extension

To increase the intensity of the rear glute extension, try holding each repetition of the exercise at the end of the range of movement in order to fatigue the muscle. To do this, perform the exercise as described above, but instead of simply bringing your leg back to the starting position immediately after extending it, hold it at the end of the movement for a count of three with each repetition of the exercise. Be sure to do this on each leg for best results.


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